Some Wireless Items Not Permitted for use in Residence Halls or Other Campus Buildings

Posted August 26th, 2016 at 5:03 pm.

You are entering a dense residential and academic environment; devices which work fine at home cause interference and connectivity issues in campus buildings and are not permitted.

  • Wireless printers (including AirPrint/ePrint models) — if you have a model with wireless you must fully disable it and connect directly via cable to print.  We recommend using the free printing in all libraries.
  • Apple TimeCapsule or other wireless Hard Drive/Backup device
  • Wireless access points, routers, base stations
  • Cell phone hotspots, wireless tethering, or similar (ex: MiFi)
  • Any device advertised as using 2.4ghz or 5ghz wireless
    • This includes any device using the Wi-Fi Direct standard, which is sometimes used to control remotes (ex: Roku 3), for device to device communication (ex: PSP to PS4), or for wireless screencasting (ex: Intel WiDi or Miracast)
    • This also includes many “smart home” devices (lights, music players, etc.) — these will likely not work and/or not be permissible.

If you have a game system or streaming device and you can connect it to the eduroam network with your email address and password using WPA2-Enterprise, you may use it.  We will contact you only if the device causes an issue on the network.  We cannot assist you with connection or setup of these devices.  If your device is not compatible with our network, you can use it disconnected as long as it does not attempt to create its own network (as above).

Students: please read the Dorm Wireless Policy for further detail.
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