How to delete old web pages

Posted February 22nd, 2010 at 12:25 pm.

Deleting old pages helps keep your site organized and prevents people from finding outdated or inaccurate information in web searches. Please take some time to do this. You can delete old pages through Contribute by doing the following:
1. Connect to your site as usual in Contribute, and navigate to the page you wish to delete.
2. In Contribute, go to the “File” menu  then “Actions,”  then “Delete Page.”


If you can’t navigate to pages you want to delete (or if you want to check a complete list of your pages for old ones), Contribute allows you to browse your web directory (much like you browse documents on your hard drive via My Computer in Windows or the Finder on a Mac) by doing the following:

At the top right of the bar with the Connect,  Edit and Publish buttons,


click “Choose.”


This will bring you to a window that allows you to scroll through a list of files and subfolders and preview them on the right:


Click on a file on the left to select a page, then click OK if you wish to go to that page. If you would then like to delete the page, follow the steps described above (File->Actions->Delete Page). Please note that Word, Excel, PDF, etc. documents can be deleted this way as well, but Office documents will not open in Contribute (a dialogue box will appear asking you to open them in Office, which you can do in order to preview them before deleting).

If you’re unable to delete a page or document, or if you wish to archive a page rather than deleting it entirely, please contact the Help Desk.

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