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Posted March 22nd, 2010 at 3:42 pm.

Page titles, which appear at the top of the browser window and/or tab, should be specific to each page– these improve accessibility, help users identify their location within the site (and what site they’re on), and help users find specific pages more effectively via Google and other search engines (so using specific title tags may increase traffic to your pages as well!).

The College Communications office recommends placing more specific information at the beginning of the title tag to help all users readily identify what that page is about, then including the office/department and “Bryn Mawr College” in the title if possible. Parts of a title should be separated by the “pipe” character |.

For example, page titles within a department should not all contain only the department name. They should include a title for that specific page. For example:

Homepage: “Department Name | Bryn Mawr College”
Faculty Listing: “Faculty | Department Name | Bryn Mawr College”
Course Listing: “Courses | Department Name | Bryn Mawr College”

When making a new page, add the title in the “Page Title” field at the bottom right of the “New Web Page or Blog Entry” dialogue box.

screenshot of new web page or blog entry dialogue box

To change an existing page’s title in Contribute, edit the page, then go to the Format menu, and click “Page Properties.” Edit the title, then click “OK.”

screenshot of Page Properties dialogue box

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