Updating PDF or Word documents on your site

Posted October 20th, 2010 at 4:18 pm.

If you have uploaded a document (such as a PDF or Word document) via Contribute, you may need to update that document later.

1. Edit the document on your computer as usual, then save it with the same file name it currently has on the web. Important: If the file names do not match (including capital letters, underscores, etc), you won’t overwrite the old version of the document, and people will still be able to find it via links or bookmarks, causing confusion!

For example, if I uploaded Cakes.pdf last year, I should save this year’s menu of cakes as Cakes.pdf as well, or the old menu will remain.

2. In Contribute, go to a page with a link to the file you wish to update.

3. Highlight and delete the old link to the file.

4. Click the Link button, and then File on My Computer, and browse to the file you saved in step 1, then click ok.

5. Click the Publish button. You should see a dialog box asking if you want to replace the file on the server, or add a new one with a similar name. Select the option to replace the file and click ok. Note: If you do not see this message, please contact Web Services for assistance.


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