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Posted October 25th, 2010 at 3:36 pm.

If your pages use the Bryn Mawr templates, you should always copy an existing page to create a new page using the same template. Otherwise you will get a blank white page without the Bryn Mawr logo or navigation.

To create a new page…
1. In Contribute, navigate to a page in your site with the layout you’d like for your new page (for example, if you’d like a page with multiple columns, be sure to pick one like that).
2. Click the New button.


3. Select “Copy of Current Page” and enter a new title for your new page, and click OK.


4. Contribute will create a new page. Delete the text copied from your existing page, then add your new content.

5. Click Publish to make your new page available.

Note: Unless you have created a link to your new page in advance, you will see a warning that you have not linked to this page yet, and your visitors will not be able to find it. This is ok– you can link to the page after you have published it. Just be sure you remember the location and file name you select in step 6.


6. You’ll be asked to give your new page a file name. By default, this will be the same as your page title. For example, if I used “My Awesome New Page” for the title, my file name will be “MyAwesomeNewPage.html”


Note: Click “Choose Folder” if there is a specific folder within your site this page belongs in. The folder will be part of the address. For example, if I were making a new page about math courses, I might want it to be in , so I would select the “courses” folder from this menu.

You can see if your page is in the right folder from the web address listed at the bottom of the window.

Tips for file names:

– Do NOT use spaces in file names, as they do not work consistently. Remove spaces, or replace them with _ or -.

– Capitalization matters. If you name your file MYNewPAge.html you’ll have to remember to type that when you’re creating links to it. Likewise, shorter file names are recommended since they are easier to remember.

7. Link to your new page when you are ready for others to find it.

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