What to Bring to College: Technology Edition

Posted March 17th, 2011 at 2:58 pm.

Most students bring a laptop computer to campus, and many also bring a smartphone, e-reader, iPad-type device, etc. I encourage you to read our “What to Bring to College: Technology Edition”; here are a few highlights.

  • Both Windows PCs and Macs are accepted at Bryn Mawr.Think about your intended major and your preferences when you choose one – not all software is available for both platforms.
  • Wireless is available throughout campus including in the dorms.Wired connections are not available.You should not bring a wireless router or printer, and should check the compatibility of any device you plan to use with our wireless network.Many devices are compatible, but some are not.
  • Many smartphones will work with our email systems, but some have greater compatibility to sync your calendar, contacts, etc.
  • Educational discounts on computers and major software packages are often available to students – be sure to request them when making any technology purchases.
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