Connecting to Secure Wireless (eduroam)

Posted February 15th, 2012 at 4:05 pm.

Bryn Mawr College provides two wireless networks — eduroam and a Guest network.

We encourage all Tri-College community members to use eduroam, a secure wireless network offered by research and educational communities around the world which provides visitors from other communities with free, secure wireless during their travels. Because Bryn Mawr College has joined the eduroam confederation, community members who are traveling can connect to any eduroam network worldwide using their Bryn Mawr College email address and password. Visitors to campus from other participating schools will also be able to access eduroam here with their credentials from their home institution. For more information on eduroam, please reference or A full list of eduroam locations can be found here.

Bryn Mawr’s Guest wireless is a an open, unsecured network for the causal use and convenience of campus guests and to which you can (at your own risk) connect devices which may not be compatible with our secure networks.  Please note that this network limits what functions may be performed on it.

Connecting to Secure Wireless
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