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Voicemail is available for staff members with a telephone extension, and Tenured, Tenure-Track and Continuing Non-Tenure faculty.  Voicemail is not provided for visiting or interim faculty or for students, and may not be provided for service craft staff who do not have offices or telephone extensions.

Voicemail Frequently asked questions can be found here.

On Aug 3, a new voicemail system was put in place — if you have not set up your voicemail, follow the instructions below. Please note that no data — including passcode/PIN, greetings, settings, or messages was be transferred to the new system. You are setting up an entirely new mailbox.

Setting up your new voicemail:

Be sure to follow all of these steps or you will not be able to access your voicemail.

  1. Go to https://voicemail.brynmawr.edu and click the link titled “Forgot Security Code?” (below the Login button).
  2. Type in your voicemail extension and click OK — in most cases this will be the same as your telephone extensions.
  3. The next page will identify the name associated with the mailbox; please review this to make sure it is accurate.
  4. Log into your Bryn Mawr email and look for a message from voicemail@brynmawr.edu; it will contain a link that will allow you to set your new voicemail password. Please note you will need to use this link right away as it expires after 1 hour.
  5. Choose your new Security Code. This is a numerical code that you will use to access your voicemail, both on the web and over the phone. It must contain:
    • At least 8 numbers. More than 8 is recommended.
    • Numbers only (must work from telephone keypad)
    • At least 3 different numbers (i.e. it cannot be 11111111 or 11112222)
    • Cannot contain your mailbox number or extension
    • Cannot be a simple arithmatic sequence (i.e., 12345678 or 98765432)
  6. Do not attempt to log into the Web page until you have completed the rest of the instructions.
  7. Dial 5555 from the phone on your desk and enter your new password (if you are doing this from off campus, dial 610-526-5555 and say “Log in”).
  8. Your voicemail will prompt you to reset your security code. Although you set it on the Web page, you also need to confirm it here. You can type the same password you have already set once again and it will be accepted.
  9. At the prompts, record your name and an away message.
  10. Hang up. Your voicemail is now set up. You can access it from either a phone or https://voicemail.brynmawr.edu.

The following documents will help you navigate the voicemail system.

Voicemail - Touchtone Menu Quick Reference
Title: Voicemail - Touchtone Menu Quick Reference (0 click)
Filename: voicemail-touchtone-menu-quick-reference.pdf
Size: 67 KB
Voicemail - Voice Menu Quick Reference
Title: Voicemail - Voice Menu Quick Reference (0 click)
Filename: voicemail-voice-menu-quick-reference.pdf
Size: 76 KB

This voicemail system implemented as of August 3, 2012.  Additional documents may be added as we discover what questions are asked.



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