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Posted August 6th, 2012 at 6:00 pm.

How do I set up voicemail?

See http://techdocs.blogs.brynmawr.edu/?p=3726 for instructions.  Be sure to follow *all* of the listed instructions or your mailbox will not operate properly.

What are the requirements for a voicemail Security Code?

  • At least 8 numbers. More than 8 is recommended.
  • Numbers only (must work from telephone keypad)
  • At least 3 different numbers (i.e. it cannot be 11111111 or 11112222)
  • Cannot contain your mailbox number or extension
  • Cannot be a simple arithmatic sequence (i.e., 12345678 or 98765432)

Why are the requirements for voicemail security codes so stringent?

Because your voicemail can now be accessed via a Web page, more security is needed to reasonably protect your messages.

The message light on my phone stays on when I have no new messages (or never comes on).

Report this to the Help Desk.  On occasion the phone system and the voicemail system get a bit out of sync and your light may need to be reset.

Where do I go to check voicemail from the Web?


Why doesn’t the Web page play messages on my mobile device?

At this time, the Web page uses Flash which is not supported by many mobile devices including iPads and iPhones.  While we have requested that the vendor address this issue, we do not know when or if this will occur.

How can I check voicemail for an extension other than the one I’m calling from?

When you call 5555, the system automatically brings you to the log in for the extension you are calling from. To get to a different mailbox, dial 5555 and, after logging in, say “Log Out.” When you hear the automatic phone menu begin, say “Log In” or press #. This will prompt you for the mailbox you wish to access and let you check the messages there.

How can I check voicemail from off-campus?

Dial 610-526-5555 to check your voicemail from off-campus. When you hear the automatic phone menu begin, say “Log In” or press #. This will prompt you for the mailbox you wish to access and let you proceed as expected.

How can I disable email notifications?

  1. Log into https://voicemail.brynmawr.edu
  2. Choose “Notification Settings” from the left navigation bar
  3. Un-check the box for “Enable Short Message Service”

Please note: if you wish to receive these notifications, but do not want them in your inbox, you can automatically filter these messages to another folder.

How can I change what email address is notified?

  1. Log into https://voicemail.brynmawr.edu
  2. Choose “Notification Settings” from the left navigation bar
  3. In the bottom section, replace your Bryn Mawr email address with the address you would like to notify. Only one address is permitted.

Can I get these notifications via text message?

You can receive these via text if your provider allows text messages via email (i.e., 2345678901@txt.att.net). This is allowed by most cell phone providers, but will not work with Google Voice or similar services. See above for instructions on changing the email address.  Standard text messaging rates apply.

At this time, choosing “Mobile Phone Number” is not an option.

I don’t want to talk to voicemail — can I use the phone keypad?

If you want to use touchtone commands with the voicemail system, press #. It will then ask you if you want to continue using touchtone commands (Press 1 to continue using touchtone commands).

A quick reference on the voice commands is available here.

A quick reference on the touchtone commands is available here.

How do I transfer a call to someone else’s voicemail without ringing their phone?

  1. Hit Transfer
  2. Dial 5556
  3. Dial the mailbox number you wish to send the message to
  4. Hit #
  5. Hit Transfer again to finish

What if I don’t want voicemail?

The College requires those staff members who are assigned an office and a phone extension to have voicemail and set it up. Craft service staff members may not be required to have voicemail depending on the nature of their work.

Faculty members may “opt-out” of having voicemail by request. If a faculty member chooses not to have voicemail, his or her telephone will ring 3 to 4 times and if unanswered, the call will be forwarded to his or her department’s main telephone number. The administrator will take a message, which will be placed in the faculty member’s mailbox. Please contact the Help Desk if you would like your voicemail removed.

I don’t seem to have a voicemail box. Should I?

Only College C/T and AP staff and Tenured, Tenure-Track, and Continuing Non-Tenure Track faculty receive voicemail. Some C/S employees may have voicemail at a supervisor’s request and as their jobs require it.  If you are in one of these categories and cannot access your voicemail, please contact the Help Desk.

Adjunct, visiting, emeritus and interim faculty, most craft/service staff, research associate, and student extensions are not provisioned with voicemail. This has been the policy of the College for the last 2-3 years and is both to make certain that messages are received by individuals sharing offices or who may be on campus infrequently, and as a cost and maintenance containment measure. Academic and administrative phone extensions without voicemail will ring-through to the department’s main number after 3-4 rings.

Having trouble?
Please contact the Bryn Mawr Help Desk.
Phone: x7440
E-mail: help@brynmawr.edu
www: http://support.brynmawr.edu

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