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Posted June 3rd, 2011 at 1:56 pm.

Moodle makes things simple by allowing your students to upload their assignments to Moodle directly. This will allow a teacher to have all of their student’s files in one place, by the student’s picture, with details as to when the student turned the file in. At the same time, Moodle allows you to add a spot for assignment details for something that you intend for the student to turn in directly to you, just to make things simpler when looking at the course page. This post offers instructions on how to create an assignment through Moodle as well as online text or activities.

Uploading Assignments

Uploading assignments to Moodle has several advantages over emailing or asking the student to print out and submit documents to you in class. When students upload to Moodle, you will find all of the assignments in one place by the students’ names. The assignments will be timestamped and will never go to a spam folder. You will not lose these documents because Moodle keeps track of them for you.

Adding an Assignment

  • Click the Add an activity or resource link on your course page, select Assignment, and then click Add. This will bring you to a page titled Adding a new Assignment.
    • Note: For the following steps, it is recommended you click Expand all in the upper right-hand corner so that all options and settings are visible.
  • Supply the assignment name (e.g. “Final Paper”) in the box provided, then under Description compose the assignment prompt or set of instructions. Make sure to include when the assignment is due, how long it will be available to upload online, what the maximum number of documents to be uploaded is and any other pertinent information here.
  • Below the Description box you can set the maximum grade the student can receive from the assignment as well as the date the assignment will be available on the site to the student. A student will not have access to the assignment before the date you select. You can disable this feature by clicking the Disable box beside it or you can set the date to today’s date, or the first day of class.
    • Note:  You can set the assignment to show the Description before the assignment is available if there is a situation where students will need to prepare in advance.
  • Enter the due date in the next box and select whether or not you would like to prevent late submissions. Preventing late submissions is done through the Cut-off date, listed below the Due Date.
    • Note: If you enable the Cut-off date, the assignment will not accept submissions after this date. The default is to keep this setting disabled, which will allow students to submit their assignment after the due date, but it will be marked as late when you see it.
  • Once you have finished choosing your settings, click Save and return to course. Your assignment will be available on the course page.

There are numerous other settings available depending on your preferences, though generally the default settings are sufficient. If you are unsure what a particular setting does, click on the grey question mark icon for more information.

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