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Posted September 12th, 2016 at 2:18 pm.

Tegrity, Bryn Mawr’s lecture capture system, enables instructors to quickly record classes or lectures and post the recordings for students to review. Instructors simply log in to Tegrity on a computer to start and stop the recording, and Tegrity does the rest.

To learn more about Tegrity’s features, check out the instructor (recorder) overview and student (viewer) overview.

Where to record:
The following classrooms are equipped to record a screencast, audio, and fixed video (usually of the podium or chalkboard) using Tegrity:

  • College Hall 110 & 224
  • Dalton 119
  • Park 25, 180 & 243*
  • Carpenter 25

* In Park 243, only the PC is set up to record Tegrity videos

With sufficient notice, Multimedia Services can set up other classrooms for recording. Request this when you reserve the room under “A/V Notes” on the Details tab in Virtual EMS, or contact Multimedia directly. You can also record from any computer with a high-speed internet connection, webcam, and microphone.

Help for recorders:

  • Have a pre-existing video that you want to stream to students? Upload a video to Tegrity: PC or Mac.
  • Recordings should upload to the network and show up automatically. When they don’t, an error message will appear — here’s what those messages mean, and how to fix the problem: troubleshooting recording status messages.
  • If you have any recordings you no longer wish to make visible to your students, you can hide (unpublish) a recording.

Help for viewers:

  • If you’re having playback issues, you can run diagnostics to see whether your computer meets Tegrity’s system requirements and whether you need to update anything.
  • If you are having difficulty getting videos to play you can also use this playback troubleshooting guide to attempt to solve your problem.

Additional support resources and documentation for Tegrity are available online and in the help guides linked below.

Classroom Recording Guide for Instructors
Title: Classroom Recording Guide for Instructors (0 click)
Filename: record-in-classroom_rev0817.pdf
Size: 253 KB
Instructor Quickstart Guide (Mac)
Title: Instructor Quickstart Guide (Mac) (0 click)
Filename: record-on-a-mac-0916.pdf
Size: 469 KB
Instructor Quickstart Guide (PC)
Title: Instructor Quickstart Guide (PC) (0 click)
Filename: record-on-a-pc_rev0916.pdf
Size: 327 KB
Student Guide to Tegrity
Title: Student Guide to Tegrity (0 click)
Filename: student-guide-09122016.pdf
Size: 255 KB

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