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Posted May 22nd, 2017 at 3:35 pm.

Accessing All Videos for a Course: the Tegrity Campus Link

Anyone with a Student role in a Moodle course can click on the Tegrity Campus link in the McGraw-Hill AAIRS block, pictured below,  to access the Tegrity recordings associated with the course. By default, this block is in the right sidebar of new course shells.

Image of the Tegrity block in Moodle

If  the block is missing from your Moodle course, you can add it back in by clicking Turn editing on, scrolling down the left sidebar until you see Add a Block, and choosing McGraw-Hill AAIRS from the drop-down menu.

If you can see the block but a student cannot, they may have hidden it (only the title will appear) or docked it (only the title appears vertically on the left side of the screen).


Adding a Links to a Specific Videos to Your Course

In some cases you may want to point students to a particular Tegrity recording in the list or to a recording you made for a different course or stored in your “Sandbox” course.

Every recording in Tegrity has a share link, which you can embed or paste into a Moodle site, an e-mail, or a website just as you would a URL for a YouTube video or other web site you wanted to share.

  • To get the share link, go to your Tegrity Course page, select the recording by checking its box in the right column, and choose Share Recording from the drop-down recording menu. Copy the URL provided as shown below.

Share recording window

One of the most flexible ways to add this link to your Moodle site uses the Label feature. A Moodle label is a block of HTML added to the bottom of a topic block like a file resource or an activity.

  • In Moodle, Turn Editing On, then click Add an activity or resource at the bottom of the block where you wish to add your video link.

Screen shoot add activity link

  • Scroll down to Resources, select Label, and click Add.

Add resource > label

  • In the text editor window, click the Media button (shown below).

Media button

You have three options for adding media: Link (which creates a link to the audio or video file), Video, and Audio (which load the file into a video or audio player embedded in the page). We’ve had the most luck adding Tegrity recordings as Links, so that is what we recommend here.

  • Click on the Link tab.
  • Paste the URL for your Tegrity recording into the Source URL box. 
  • If you’d like, type a name for the link that tells students what it is (for example, “Week 1 Lecture Video”).

Paste URL for recording into Source URL box

  • Click Insert Media.



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