Getting Started with Duo

Posted September 5th, 2018 at 10:16 pm.


Once you get a Duo enrollment email, you will be able to follow the link in the email to start the enrollment process. If you do not get a chance to enroll before the deadline, LITS will automatically enable Duo for your account. If LITS enables Duo for you, you will be able to enroll in the service by logging into a Duo protected resource, such as your Bryn Mawr College email account. (We recommend doing this on a laptop or a desktop for the smoothest experience.) After logging in, you will reach a Duo prompt to start the process. The Duo prompt will provide a step by step guide for enrollment. For more information on Duo enrollment, see

Duo provides several options for authentication. LITS recommends using the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone. We encourage you to enroll as many options as you can for flexibility and convenience. Use the instructions below to enroll a telephone number to receive a call. No phone? No problem. You may also purchase and enroll a Yubikey yourself, or request a Security Token via LITS.

Adding a Device

After you have enrolled yourself, you may choose to add more devices for authenticating to Duo. You can do so by logging into a Duo protected resource to bring up the Duo Prompt again. At the Duo prompt you will:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Choose Add a Device
  3. Authenticate to Duo
  4. Follow the Duo prompt’s instructions to add a new device

Note: If you are adding a smartphone or tablet, please start the process using a device other than the device you intend to add. This will leave the device you want to add free to follow the instructions in the Duo prompt.

For more information about adding a new device, see

Duo Protected Email and Mobile Syncing

If you sync your Bryn Mawr College email to your mobile phone, you will have to update the account that you have synced once you have set up Duo. To update your mail sync, you will first have to delete your synced Bryn Mawr College email account from your phone and then re-sync your account. For instructions on mobile syncing, see

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