Messaging vs. Quickmail and Announcements in Moodle

Posted August 13th, 2019 at 9:46 am.

Messaging in Moodle allows you to control how you send and receive messages and manage your contacts. Like “instant messaging,” the Messaging feature opens a window that allows you to chat with someone in real time or send them a message that they can view when they log in to Moodle (optionally, you can be notified by email when you receive a message by turning on this setting in Messages).

Aside from sending messages to individuals, you can create messages for Groups in a course, and you can choose group messaging to contact multiple individuals across courses. You can also control how you accept messages from others, which can be filtered to anyone from your contacts or anyone in your courses.

So, what’s the difference among Messaging, Quickmail, and Announcements in Moodle? See the below comparison chart for a quick overview and check out the video link to learn more about Messaging in Moodle.

Features Messaging Quickmail Announcements
Message more than one person at a time
Message individuals across courses
Message the entire course
Message multiple individuals/groups in a course
Get notified of message via email
Save message history
Include attachments (files, media)

Video: Messaging Improvements

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