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Posted July 31st, 2016 at 2:58 pm.

Bryn Mawr College uses software called Mailman for our listserves. We have a mix of announcement and discussion lists, some of which are moderated, and others which are unmoderated or “open”. Changes to listserves can be made via the web interface by the list owner. You can subscribe to or manage listserves at

There are some listserves with automatic enrollment, such as all campus notification lists. For more information about these listserves, and to read our information and policies regarding mass emails, please visit the Mass Email Information Page. To request a new listserve, there is a request form available on the LITS web site.


  • To subscribe to a list, visit and choose Subscription Page.
  • There, click on the list you would like to subscribe to and enter your email address and name to subscribe.
    • If the list is private/closed, your request will be sent to the list’s administrator for approval.

For Listserve Owners:

In order to change settings or moderate emails sent to your listserve, you will need to log in by navigating to and choosing Administration Page. Find and click on the listserve you would like to manage, and log in with the listserve’s password.

  • Note: If you never received a password, or are unsure of what the password for your listserve is, please contact the Help Desk at 610-526-7440 or
  • To change a listserve password: 
    • Once you have logged in, click on Passwords in the top left.
    • In the Change list ownership passwords section on this page, enter and confirm the new password in the administrator password fields.
    • The password can be up to 25 characters long and may only include letters and numbers.

Modifying Listserves:

Once you have logged in, you’ll see a number of categories to manage your listserve. The following is an overview of some most commonly used options; all options in the Mailman interface are labeled and include links to further information if necessary.

  • List Ownership: In the General Options category, you can add or remove list administrator email addresses. You can also add or remove moderators, who can approve or deny pending emails and membership requests, but not modify most listserve settings.
  • Add or Remove Members: In the Membership Management category, you can see a list of all members of your listserve and change their specific settings – for example, allowing a member’s messages to the listserve to never be moderated, or unsubscribing an individual from the list.
    • The Mass Subscription subcategory allows you to add users to your list by entering their email addresses or uploading a file.
    • The Mass Removal subcategory allows you to remove users from your list in bulk by entering multiple email addresses at once.

Moderating Listserves:

To prevent spam sent via listserves, emails sent to lists are held for moderation by default. To change moderation settings, look in the Privacy options category.

  • In Sender filters, you can set email addresses whose messages should be automatically approved, or addresses whose messages should be immediately discarded.
  • To review messages that are waiting to be discarded or released, click on Tend to pending moderator requests in the top right; this will list any messages that are waiting and will present options for managing them.

When you are done moderating your listserve, be sure you log out by clicking Logout in the top right corner of the window.

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