Using Annotate PDF to give feedback on Moodle

Posted July 29th, 2020 at 10:39 am.

Instructors can provide detailed feedback on Moodle assignments by using the Annotate PDF tool available in the latest version of Moodle.* This document explains how to add the Annotate PDF feature when creating a new assignment or editing an existing assignment, and how to use the annotation toolbar and feedback options.

*This feature is available only on The URL for this site will change to on Aug 18 after summer courses are complete.

Adding the Annotate PDF feature to a new assignment:

  1. Go to your course settings and turn editing on.
  2. Click Add an activity or resource in the section where you wish your assignment to appear.
  3. From the list of activities, select Assignment.
  4. Under Submission Types, check the File Submission box. This will allow students to submit PDF files for this assignment.
  5. Under Feedback Types, check the boxes Feedback Comments and Annotate PDF. Then, finish setting up your assignment as usual and save your assignment.

Editing an existing assignment to include the Annotate PDF feature:

  1. Navigate to the desired assignment and choose Edit Settings.
  2. Under Submission Types, check the File Submission box.
  3. Under Feedback Types, check the boxes Feedback Comments and Annotate PDF.
  4. Save your assignment.

How to annotate student submissions with Annotate PDF:

The Annotate PDF feature allows instructors to highlight, draw, add text, stamps, and post notes on a PDF document submitted by a student.

Note: You can annotate a document whether you are using a desktop, laptop or tablet. To create annotations, use your mouse, trackpad, iPencil or other tablet input device.

  1. Click on the title of the assignment.
  2. A window with your grading summary and an option to “View All Submissions” and “Grade” will appear. Click Grade to begin grading student submissions.
  3. Submissions will appear one by one as a PDF document, with an annotation toolbar displayed near the top of the document.

4. Select a tool from the annotation toolbar to begin marking up the submission.

5. To include additional feedback, you may use the rich-text editor to the right of the document which is titled Feedback Comments.

6. Use the Grade box to assign students a grade for the assignment.

7. Save a copy of the annotations and feedback comments made to the submission by navigating to the Download Feedback PDF section located under the “Feedback Comments” box.

8. Click on the PDF link title to download a full feedback document including any annotations and comments you have added to the submission. Comments added by using the “Feedback Comments” box will appear in the last page of the downloaded document.

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