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Web Accessibility Guidelines

Posted August 29, 2017
Jie Cheng ‘16 with Assistant Professor Yan Kung in a science lab

Please contact Deb Alder, Access Services Director, (x7531) with questions or concerns about access to information on our website. Web Services and Access Services work together to assure that information on Bryn Mawr College web pages is as accessible as possible. Types of Content Audio and Video Headings Images Links Tables Text Titles Common Accessibility Concerns […]

Web Content and Writing Style Guide

Posted October 17, 2016

The Web Content and Style Guide is produced by Bryn Mawr Communications. Contact with questions.

Privacy settings for your blog

Posted September 22, 2016

Blogs in are public by default, but there are options to make your blog less visible while your work is in progress, or to make a blog with restricted access. To change your blog’s privacy settings, go to the Dashboard. Go to Settings->Reading Then scroll down to “Site Visibility.” The options, from most public […]

Log into staging to view your Drupal site in progress

Posted August 19, 2016

Go to You must be logged in via the VPN if you are off campus. Log in with your Bryn Mawr username and password You will know you are logged in if you see a black bar across the screen with “Hello username”. The welcome screen will contain a list of your sections. In […]

Create a new Connection in Contribute (CS5)

Posted August 5, 2016

Open Contribute by searching for Contribute, or going to Start->All Programs in Windows (or start it from the Finder or the Dock on your Mac ) When Contribute opens, click “Website Connection” under “Create New” at this welcome screen: After you click ‘Create Connection,’ a dialogue box will appear. Click ‘Next’ to begin. In the […]

LITS support for student organizations

Posted February 3, 2016

Need resources to communicate with your student organization? Preserve your organization’s history? LITS is here for you. Need assistance with setting up or using these resources? Contact Communication resources: : Great for building a website or blog, public or just for your group. Examples: It’s free Customize the look and […]

Embed forms and other content in Drupal

Posted January 6, 2016

To embed video, refer to these detailed instructions. If you have been granted HTML embedding permissions (contact Web Services via, you may use these instructions to embed forms and other content that provide iframe or javascript embed code. Only embed content from known, trusted sites. Ask Web Services if you aren’t sure. Copy the […]

Add and Remove Custom Text in Drupal

Posted December 7, 2015

Custom text can be used to place text above or below other page elements when placing it in the usual “body” text area does not meet your needs. To add custom text Click “Customize this Page” Click a plus sign to add a new pane Click “new custom content” Type your custom content in the […]

Tables in Drupal

Posted September 3, 2015

Contents: Adding a new table Copying a new table from Word or another external source Note: For best results, create and edit tables directly in Drupal rather than pasting from other sources. Editing an existing table Adding a new table in Drupal Click the table button. Note: All properties may be adjusted later by right […]

News Articles in Drupal

Posted August 28, 2015

Creating an Article See also News Article Content Style Guidelines from College Communications. From your section management screen, select “Article” Complete required fields. Main Content Primary Image appears at the top of the article, and in article listings/teasers with images. Title is used as the image caption, as well as a tool tip when the […]

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