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WordPress Basics

Posted September 28, 2010

WordPress is a blogging tool that allows you to share thoughts, reflections, and other communications over the Internet.¬† WordPress blogs can be customized to look and feel the way you want and content can easily be added, removed, archived, or changed. So you have a blog… Once you’ve set up your blog, there are many […]

Recommendations for Composing WordPress posts

Posted September 28, 2010

We highly recommend composing your blog posts in the WordPress rich text editor itself. WordPress allows you to compose and format in rich text or HTML, while autosaving drafts. Write your post in the window that looks like this. Not enough room to write? Click the button that looks like a blue computer screen (circled […]

Ordering Toner Cartridges for HP Printers

Posted September 15, 2010

Bryn Mawr College has contracted with Office Technologies through whom all offices will purchase toner cartridges for Hewlett Packard (HP) printers. How to Order: Please purchase all HP printer toner from Office Technologies. You can find Office Technologies toner in E-Market where you can place your order. How to return empty cartridges: Empty toner cartridges […]

Subscribing to the LITS Blog Via Email

Posted September 14, 2010

Adding and Formatting a Table for Your Webpage

Posted September 10, 2010

The Contribute manual includes these¬† instructions for adding and working with tables. Important notes for use of tables with the Bryn Mawr templates: Please use tables for displaying tabular data, not for centering text or performing other layout functions. If you have a table in a Microsoft Excel or Word document, it generally works best […]