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Spotlights in Drupal

Posted June 5, 2014

Spotlights are profiles of people (students, alumnae/i or faculty) or topics. They appear in list views in the About section, as well as in various locations throughout the site– usually in the right sidebar. Adding: Go to Content->Add Content->Spotlight Spotlight Text: Promote to About page: This will feature the spotlight on Spotlight Blurb: This […]

Financial Aid content in Drupal

Posted June 5, 2014

Financial Aid content is constructed using two content types: Aid (for types of financial aid) and Policy (for policies regarding financial aid), which are embedded in pages for the appropriate audiences. Aid Adding: Go to Content->Add Content->Aid Complete the required fields. Be sure your title is specific enough to find it in the list of […]

Adding Folders in Moodle

Posted June 4, 2014

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to add folders to your courses: Method 1: Drag-and-drop 1) After logging in and going to your course in Moodle, make sure to click “Turn editing on” in the upper right-hand corner. 2) Locate the zipped folder on your computer and drag it to your course into the section […]

Video in Drupal

Posted June 3, 2014
embedded video versus use of video content type

The Video content type is placed on Pages. Usually you will embed video within the Body Text of Pages, but the Video content type is recommended in the following circumstances: The video needs to be reused in other Pages You want to include specific information with the video. You want to place the video within […]

Admissions Officers in Drupal

Posted June 3, 2014
filtering by type=admissions officer

Used to add admissions officers to the list of officers on Adding: Go to Content->Add Content->Admissions Officer Complete required fields. Editing: Go to Content and filter by Type=Admissions Officer Find the correct Officer in the list and click “edit” next to their name. Update the appropriate fields. Note: You can remove a country or […]

Trips and Trip Leaders in Drupal

Posted June 3, 2014
sorting by content type=trip leader

Used for Alumnae travel. Add your Trip Leader first if they are not already listed. To check if a Leader is listed, go to Content and filter for Type=Trip Leader   To add a Trip Leader, go to Content->Add Content->Trip Leader     Complete the fields in the Main Content tab. The Section should be […]