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Guide to Cleaning-Up the H: Drive (Network Home Directory)

Cleaning up your H: Drive (also known as Network Home Directory on Macs)? Please review the following guide in full before beginning.  

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Top 11 Tips for Cleaning-Up Your Files

Please review the following tips before beginning to clean up your files. If you have any questions about cleaning up your files, contact the Help Desk ( or x7440). See bottom of this post for printable version. Set small goals. Saying that you’re going to clean your entire house is a stress-inducing, ambiguous objective, but […]

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Web Content and Writing Style Guide

The Web Content and Style Guide is produced by Bryn Mawr Communications. Contact with questions.

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Privacy settings for your blog


Blogs in are public by default, but there are options to make your blog less visible while your work is in progress, or to make a blog with restricted access. To change your blog’s privacy settings, go to the Dashboard. Go to Settings->Reading Then scroll down to “Site Visibility.” The options, from most public […]

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Tegrity Overview

Tegrity, Bryn Mawr’s lecture capture system, enables instructors to quickly record classes or lectures and post the recordings for students to review. Instructors simply log in to Tegrity on a computer to start and stop the recording, and Tegrity does the rest. To learn more about Tegrity’s features, check out the instructor (recorder) overview and […]

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Forums in Moodle

Need a space for you and your students to have discussions? Have response questions that your students need to reply and comment on? Here are step-by-step instructions on how to add the Forum, as well as helpful information on the different types of forums and settings. 1. Select “Forum” from the “Add an activity or resource” […]

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Moodle FAQ

screenshot 1 with red box

Course Access Q: My instructor says that I am enrolled in their course but I cannot access it on Moodle. I found the course manually on Moodle but I could not enroll myself in this course. What should I do? Q: I realized I am not enrolled in the Moodle site for an Organization I […]

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Some Wireless Items Not Permitted for use in Residence Halls or Other Campus Buildings

You are entering a dense residential and academic environment; devices which work fine at home cause interference and connectivity issues in campus buildings and are not permitted. Wireless printers (including AirPrint/ePrint models) — if you have a model with wireless you must fully disable it and connect directly via cable to print.  We recommend using the […]

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Log into staging to view your Drupal site in progress


Go to You must be logged in via the VPN if you are off campus. Log in with your Bryn Mawr username and password You will know you are logged in if you see a black bar across the screen with “Hello username”. The welcome screen will contain a list of your sections. In […]

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Viewing & Restoring Previous Versions of OneDrive Files

screen shot of the ellipsis that corresponds with the desired file

Whenever a change is made to a document stored on OneDrive, a new version of the file is automatically created. OneDrive’s Version history feature allows you to view older versions of an Office Online document. If you find a version you want, you can then restore it, moving it to the top of the list […]

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