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Upload a Video to Panopto

In addition to using Panopto to record lectures, presentations, or talks at home (Recording Your Lecture: Outside the Classroom or Off-Campus) or in classrooms that are set up for that purpose (see Recording Your Lecture: in a Classroom), faculty members and students can also upload videos created or recorded elsewhere into Panopto to share them […]

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Panopto Overview

Panopto, Bryn Mawr’s lecture capture system, enables instructors to quickly record classes or lectures and post the recordings for students to review. Not only that, but Panopto also offers features that help make the recordings more interactive as well (e.g. creating quizzes or PDFs to insert). To begin, instructors can simply log in to Panopto […]

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Using Microsoft Teams

Teams is a college-supported platform for connecting synchronously with students and other staff members. You do not need to request that a Team be created in order to use the Teams app for communication and collaboration with students and colleagues. Detailed documentation for teaching with Teams is available here: Getting Started Getting Started: What is […]

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Recording Your Lecture: Outside the Classroom or Off-Campus

Bryn Mawr subscribes to a lecture capture service called Panopto, which is designed to make it easy for people to record lectures and talks and post the recordings for others to view them. Panopto can simultaneously capture audio and video of a person lecturing and a screencast of what they project overhead from the podium […]

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Meetings and Web Conferences with Skype for Business

Skype for Business is the LITS supported solution for: Video and audio conferencing with Bryn Mawr and/or outside attendees (including calendar integration) Webinars (included recording) Internal instant messaging (for those who elect to use it). Skype for Business is a different product than consumer Skype.  It is built on a different platform and allows much […]

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Using the VPN for Off-Campus Access (Windows)

The search bar can be accessed by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.

If you are looking to use the VPN with a macOS computer, click here. Bryn Mawr College uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to allow users to access their Home directory and other network drives when off campus. Connecting to the VPN simulates being connected to the on-campus network, so users can work off-campus without […]

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Computer Model Selections

If you are looking for guidance in purchasing a personal computer to bring to College with you, see  What to Bring to College: Technology Edition. This listing is for selecting or purchasing College computers (including with Grant and Research Funds).  It is updated each spring (last update, March 2020).  Please note that all newly purchased […]

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Conference Calling from Off-Campus

In addition to making conference calls from your desk phone, LITS provides three solutions for remote conference calling. Skype for Business The first of our options is Skype for Business which offers chat, audio, and/or video. This solution can be used for calls or meetings with up to 250 people and can be used to […]

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Conference Calling with MiCollab Softphone

MiCollab is an optional piece of software that accompanies your College phone extension. It can be installed on your computer or smartphone. For more information about our options and the installation process, please see our Micollab setup documentation. Once you have set up your MiCollab client and enabled your softphone, please use the following instructions to make […]

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Add/Remove Users in a Moodle Site

A role determines what privileges and powers an individual has within a Moodle course. Moodle Roles Moodle has two “Teacher” roles, both of which enable the user to view and grade coursework of students in the course: Teacher: Can also create and edit course resources (e.g. files, URLs, etc.) and activities (e.g., Quizzes, Forums). Non-editing […]

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