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Accessibility Issues in Moodle Courses

As a college with a diverse and vibrant community, it is important to keep in mind accessibility issues for those with visual, auditory, and learning disabilities. When using Moodle at Bryn Mawr, Web Accessibility needs to be a constant concern for faculty, staff, and students. Print impaired users typically access the web by enlarging text, […]

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Make Courses Visible/Invisible to Students

Moodle gives faculty the option of deciding when to make their courses available to their students. By default, all academic courses are made available to students, meaning any student who has preregistered for the course can access it on Moodle. However, there is the option to make it unavailable until it is ready. This is […]

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Fixing Spelling in Moodle (e.g. “Enrol users”)

Moodle language selection menu

The Moodle development community is global, and although the default language used is English, it is not American English. What American users may perceive as spelling errors are actually British spellings — such as enrolment or favourite. Moodle allows users to individually set their language preferences, and individual user preferences override the site-level preferences that administrators […]

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Using LinkedIn Learning (formerly

LinkedIn Learning (formerly is a leading online learning tool that offers thousands of high-quality video courses in software, business, and creative skills for helping Bryn Mawr community members achieve personal and professional goals and meet just-in time training needs. Access your account online at LinkedIn Learning or by clicking the Activate LinkedIn Learning now […]

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Make Items in Courses Visible/Invisible to Students

Want to start working on your course, but don’t want your students to see an unfinished product? Want to post things ahead of time? Moodle lets you hide things that you upload or create, making it invisible to the students, but always available to you. Open and closed eye The key to hiding in Moodle […]

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Add or Change Your Photo in Moodle

1) Look for your name in the upper right-hand corner of Moodle. (You should be able to see this from any page on the Moodle site.) Click on “Profile” and then “Edit Profile” near the top on the left side under “User Details“. 3) Scroll down to  “User Picture” towards the bottom of the page and […]

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Quiz Activity in Moodle

The Quiz is a great assessment tool provided by Moodle that can be used to test and evaluate students online. All of the results and grades will be recorded automatically into the course Gradebook, making it a very easy and versatile activity to use. Select Quiz from the Add an activity or resource menu on the Moodle course […]

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Guest Access to Moodle Sites

By default, Moodle courses are created with guest access turned off. You can turn it on permanently or temporarily to give people who are not enrolled in the course guest access, which allows them to see everything you have posted to the course (including readings, forum posts, etc.), but not participate in course activities such […]

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Add/Remove Users in a Moodle Site

A role determines what privileges and powers an individual has within a course in Moodle. Changing the roles and  permissions in your course is not always recommended. The default settings have been created with the needs of most professors and courses in mind. Making changes other than adding students should be done sparingly. This document […]

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Migrate a Moodle Site from Moodle Archive to Current Moodle

These instructions are only relevant for sites created for organizations, committees, etc. If you need to copy materials from an academic course site on Moodle Archive into an academic course site for the current semester, see Copy Materials from Old Moodle Course Site into New Course Shell. Note: If you are using your Moodle organization site primarily to […]

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