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Setting up Moodle Workshop for Peer Review (For Faculty)

The Moodle Workshop has the potential to be extremely beneficial. Any course that relies heavily on peer review may find this activity especially desirable. A good example of where the workshop activity could be useful might include creative writing classes, freshman seminars, and performance reviews. The setup for a Workshop can become complicated, but if […]

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BIONIC (PeopleSoft) Patch Documentation

The following documents contain information regarding the latest BIONIC (PeopleSoft) patch updates PeopleSoft Campus Solutions – Update Image 8 – Documentation

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Viewing Budgets in BIONIC

The following documents contain instructions on how to view budget reports in BIONIC: Budget Summary Transactions External Grants Faculty Research & Start-Up Funds Restricted Funds & Reserves

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Data Standards: Name, Address, Phone Number in BIONIC (PeopleSoft)

The following document contains information regarding the standards that should be followed when entering name, address or phone number into BIONIC (PeopleSoft):

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Viewing Data Moodle Has Collected About You

In addition to any content you submit to Moodle sites (such as papers, forum posts, or quiz answers) and grades or feedback that others give you on that content, Moodle also automatically generates and stores usage data as you interact with the site — that is, time-stamped logs of your activities, such as logging in and out of […]

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Bryn Mawr College Information Security Competencies

The overarching goal of the Information Security Education Program is to ensure all College community members are able to demonstrate continued mastery of the following competencies: Recognize and respond to common information security threats Recognize and properly classify confidential data Store confidential data in properly secured locations Create strong passwords/passphrases Keep passwords confidential Lock computers […]

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Mobile and AirPrint Printing in Library Labs (Pilot)

This fall we will be making a few methods of mobile printing available in our library labs.  This is a pilot, meaning that it’s a new service we’re trying and not all the kinks may be worked out; if you have issues, you may be directed to try from a lab computer.  As with printing […]

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Web Accessibility Guidelines

Jie Cheng ‘16 with Assistant Professor Yan Kung in a science lab

Please contact Deb Alder, Access Services Director, (x7531) with questions or concerns about access to information on our website. Web Services and Access Services work together to assure that information on Bryn Mawr College web pages is as accessible as possible. Types of Content Audio and Video Headings Images Links Tables Text Titles Common Accessibility Concerns […]

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Sharing Tegrity Recordings Outside of Moodle

Tegrity is integrated with Moodle in order to make it easy for faculty to record classes, talks and instructional video and share it with students in their courses. However, you can also give anyone access to a Tegrity video you’ve recorded by getting a anonymous public link to the video and sharing it with them. Anyone […]

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Calendar in Moodle

Screen shot of Moodle Calendar block

Did you know Moodle has a built-in calendar? Using the Calendar The Moodle Calendar block is always visible on your Dashboard. It may also be visible in particular courses if a Teacher in the course has added it. Orange highlights indicate dates with course-related events, such as deadlines for Moodle Assignments and Quizzes or Scheduler […]

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