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Assignments in Moodle (for Students)

Posted August 10, 2017
Screen Shot of Moodle

Faculty create Assignments in Moodle for a number of reasons: to¬†place assignment due dates on the Moodle course calendar, to make a graded item for an assignment in the course Gradebook, and/or to receive electronic paper submissions. Viewing¬†Assignment Details and Submitting Click on the title of course in your Dashboard to open it. Click on […]

Assignments in Moodle (for Teachers)

Posted August 9, 2017

Use a Moodle Assignment activity to: Receive electronic assignment submissions. You can set up an Activity to have students submit papers to you electronically. Moodle is more secure and private than e-mail, is available to all students, collects all files into a single place, and time-stamps submissions. In the new version of Moodle, you can […]