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College Computers: Current Software Configurations

This article reviews the current software configurations used for College computers. Last updated: May 19th, 2022 To request a change/addition or to review LITS’ update procedure, please see College Computers: Requesting Software Changes.   Software Configurations Click on the drop-down below that corresponds to the configuration you’re looking for. Derivative Images Office // Standard (newly imaged […]

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College Computers: Requesting Software Changes

This article reviews LITS’ software update procedure, as well as how to request changes and/or additions. For the list of software available on College computers, please see College Computers: Current Software Configurations.   LITS’ Software Update Procedure Annually, LITS reaches out to various BMC Community Members to coordinate the software configuration lists for the upcoming […]

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Computer Model Selections

If you are looking for guidance in purchasing a personal computer to bring to College with you, see  What to Bring to College: Technology Edition. This listing is for selecting or purchasing College computers (including with Grant and Research Funds).  It is updated each spring (last updated March, 2021).  Please note that all newly purchased […]

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BMC Off-Boarding Computing Checklist

Last updated: March 10th, 2022 The following applies to departing BMC faculty/staff. For new hires, see BMC On-Boarding Computing Checklist. Table of Contents: When: you know an employee is leaving When: the employee leaves Questions?   When: you know an employee is leaving This should occur ASAP, once you’re aware they’re leaving. Have them review […]

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BMC On-Boarding Computing Checklist

Last updated: March 10th, 2022 The following applies to new BMC hires. For departing employees, see BMC Off-Boarding Computing Checklist. Table of Contents: When: you know you’re hiring When: you know who will be hired When: the employee has a start date When: the employee starts Questions?   When: you know you’re hiring This should […]

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Canon Supplies: Ordering, Installation, and Disposal

This article reviews how to order/install/recycle supplies for Canon. If you contact Canon and receive contradictory information: Note who you were speaking with and the information you were given, and forward it along to the Help Desk. Table of Contents: Ordering Supplies Installing Supllies Disposal/Recycling Questions?   Ordering Supplies Who: designate a point person for […]

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Printing at Bryn Mawr College (BMC)

Before you start, you may need access to the following: a laptop/desktop with internet access a College account an activated OneCard Table of Contents: Printing Overview: How it all works Adding a Print Queue Scan & Copy (Canons) Student Workers: Departmental Printer Permissions Questions?   Printing Overview: How it all works Printer Types Two categories […]

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Drupal Training Videos

We have recorded our Training Sessions for all the Drupal Users. Please feel free to review these. The Drupal techdocs that we have for Login, Basic Page Events and Announcements as well as certain Flexible Content Items are covered in the videos below. We may add more as other training sessions occur. Notes from the […]

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Webinars and Webcasting for Large Events

Panopto Create menu expanded with "Webcast" is highlighted by a red box.

Current Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students can host three types of online events using existing College-provided software: A fully interactive Zoom Meeting with up to 300 participants. A Panopto “webcast“ with unlimited viewers. A webinar-like event created by combining the two: a Zoom Meeting for interactive participants that is livestreamed to a Panopto webcast […]

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CV Upload via Provost in Drupal

Uploading your CV In order to include your CV in your Biography in Drupal, you will need the assistance of the Provost. Note: Faculty members who wish to post their CV to the website are asked to email Tina Bockius, Faculty Administrative Coordinator, at Staff and other CV requests should be sent to Provost’s Office […]

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