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Printing at Bryn Mawr College (BMC)

Before you start, you may need access to the following: a laptop/desktop with internet access a College account an activated OneCard Table of Contents: Printing Overview: How it all works Adding a Print Queue Scan & Copy (Canons) Student Workers: Departmental Printer Permissions Questions?   Printing Overview: How it all works Printer Types Two categories […]

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Encrypting External Storage Drives

This article reviews how to encrypt external storage drives such as hard-drives and USB drives. Looking to encrypt an email? Check out our Encrypting Emails in Office365 tech doc.   When & Why Encryption is required if you must store files containing financial or personal information (i.e. credit card or Social Security numbers) on an external […]

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Encrypting Emails in Office365

illustration of how to use the subject line to encrypt a message

This article reviews how to encrypt emails in Office365. Looking to encrypt an external drive? Check out our Encrypting External Storage Drives tech doc.   When & Why Encryption is required if you must send emails containing financial or personal information (i.e. credit card or Social Security numbers). Why encrypt? Encryption ensures that, if the email […]

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New Students: Start Here!

Use the information and Tech Docs linked below to jump start your experience as a new Bryn Mawr College community member! Table of Contents: The Essentials: Accounts & Wireless Public Technology Email & Calendar Software & Services Remote Resources Easier Ways to Read Questions?   The Essentials: Accounts & Wireless Account Setup Two-Factor Eduroam (Wifi) […]

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Restore Recently Deleted Activities from the Moodle Recycle Bin

Moodle course settings menu, with "Recycle Bin" highlighted

As a Teacher in a Moodle course, you can restore activities (including assignments, files, and quizzes) that have been deleted from your Moodle course within the last 14 days through the Recycle Bin feature. Once in your course, click Course settings at the top right (gear icon). At the bottom of the menu, click on […]

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Collecting Audiovisual Assignments using Panopto

There are a few different methods for students to upload audio/video files to Panopto to submit a class assignment or project: Using Panopto’s Assignment Folder Giving Students Creator Access to a Panopto Course Folder Using a Moodle Assignment for Students to Link to their Panopto File Below, we will outline these different processes as well […]

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Use ABBYY Fine Reader for Complex OCR

Librarians, archivists, and academic researchers use ABBYY Fine Reader to digitize and analyze archival collections. It is installed on the computers in the Digital Media and Collaboration Lab in Carpenter Library and available when this lab is open. ABBYY Fine Reader’s advanced OCR Editor has features that make it possible to successfully OCR documents that […]

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HP Supplies: Ordering, Installation, and Disposal

This article reviews how to order/install/recycle supplies for HP printers. Issues with a HP printer? Contact the Help Desk. Table of Contents: Ordering Supplies Installing Supllies Disposal/Recycling Questions?   Ordering Supplies You may need your printer’s model number or serial number. Who: designate a point person for orders; typically a Department Admin Where: supplies can be […]

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WeVideo: Creating Captions

WeVideo allows for the creation of captions in videos. Prior to opening your assignment, you will want to make sure to create an account under the Bryn Mawr license. Note that unlike typical captions that can be toggled on and off, WeVideo embeds the text into the video. Login to your WeVideo account. Start by […]

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Create Accessible E-Mails in Outlook

Following the guidelines below helps ensure that all recipients will be able to read e-mails you send. For information on features that can make it easier for you to read and write e-mail when using Outlook, please see Accessibility Features in Outlook. Add Alt Text to Images Add Meaningful Hyperlinks Use Accessible Font Formatting Avoid […]

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