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Using Registration to Secure Zoom Meetings

Screen shot Zoom Meeting settings

Zoom recommends turning on registration for all publicly or widely advertised meetings to help prevent Zoom-bombing. When registration is on, Zoom creates a “registration link” that you can publicize instead of the direct meeting link. For other steps you can take to secure meetings, see Security and Zoom. Note: Advertising through Bryn Mawr College’s Daily […]

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Calendly for Scheduling Appointments


Table of Contents: What is Calendly? Account Types & Setup Integrations and Settings Questions?   What is Calendly? Calendly is an online calendar system that integrates with your personal calendar and other web conferencing tools to allow people to schedule appointment times with you on days/times that you set as available. Although LITS does not […]

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Library due dates for Spring 2021

For the Spring 2021 semester, the Libraries will continue to assign simplified due dates as follows: TriCo Library books borrowed by students will be due May 22, 2021. TriCo Library books borrowed in the fall may be renewed until May 22, 2021. TriCo book due dates for faculty will not change. DVDs and multimedia equipment […]

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LITS Services FAQ

Before you start: The FAQs below use collapsible sections, click on the arrows to expand/hide information. Have a question that’s not on the list? Send it to the Help Desk! Last updated: February 22, 2021 Table of Contents: IT Support & Services Library Services Services for Faculty Educational and Scholarly Technology The Makerspace Additional Questions? […]

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Hiding Grades from Moodle Gradebook

Hiding a Moodle Assignment column in the gradebook allows you to hide the grade throughout your course page, including when a student looks at their assignment submission. By hiding a grade, you will also hide any feedback comments or files you have added to that grade. However, students will still be able to see the […]

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Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Breakout Room Assignment Window

Zoom “breakout rooms” allow you to split a meeting into smaller groups: The host or a co-host sets up the breakout rooms, either randomly assigning participants to rooms, manually assigning them, or letting them choose rooms, and clicks Open All Rooms. When participants join the breakout rooms, they can talk and chat with others in that […]

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Panopto: Using the Panopto Quiz Activity to Connect Panopto Quizzes to the Moodle Gradebook

Panopto Quiz Activity

With a new activity in Moodle called Panopto Quiz, you can now connect in-video quizzes you’ve created in Panopto to report grades to the Moodle gradebook. To do this, you’ll need to have already created the quiz in the Panopto video and make sure the finished video is connected to your course in Moodle. You […]

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Join Zoom Meetings from Moodle

If your Moodle course contains a Zoom activity, you will be able to see and join any meetings created through it in several different ways. From the Zoom activity: Open the Moodle course and click on the Zoom activity. The Upcoming Meetings tab lists all future course meetings — click the Join button next to a […]

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Schedule Meetings in the Zoom Web Portal or App

Schedule a Meeting button

This article explains how to set up a Zoom meeting from within the Zoom web interface or the Zoom desktop or mobile app. For alternative ways to set up Zoom meetings: For an academic courses, see Schedule Course Meetings with the Moodle Zoom Activity If you use Outlook or Office365, see Schedule Zoom Meetings with […]

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FontAwesome for WordPress

FontAwesome for WordPress allows you to insert FontAwsome icons into your page or post either by using shortcode or HTML. Choose the icon you want from the FontAwesome icon gallery . All free icons are supported. Please note that pro icons are not supported at this time. Shortcode Examples: You can insert the cog icon […]

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