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FontAwesome for WordPress

FontAwesome for WordPress allows you to insert FontAwsome icons into your page or post either by using shortcode or HTML. Choose the icon you want from the FontAwesome icon gallery . All free icons are supported. Please note that pro icons are not supported at this time. Shortcode Examples: You can insert the cog icon […]

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Exporting Files and Coursework from Moodle

Screen shot of Download Center page

LITS strongly recommends that students and instructors export copies of course files that they wish to keep long-term and archive them outside of Moodle. We suggest this for a few reasons. First, although our Moodle policies guarantee that courses will remain available to individuals with a Teacher roleĀ on Moodle’s servers for at least two years, […]

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Setting up your Gradebook in Moodle

Turn Editing On

When teaching online and having students submit online assignments, the simplest way to calculate grades is to use the Gradebook in Moodle. This tech doc explains how to set up your Gradebook in a new Moodle course, including how to create categories and grade items. Ideally, grade categories are created before adding any graded activities […]

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Sharing Files and Folders in OneDrive

All folders and sub-folders in OneDrive inherit the permissions of their parent folder. The share settings of individual items within the folder cannot be edited to differ from the folder. The guide below will help ensure that you are only sharing the materials you intend to share and securely deleting them if they need to […]

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LITS Services FAQ

Before you start: The FAQs below use collapsible sections, click on the arrows to expand/hide information. Have a question that’s not on the list? Send it to the Help Desk! Last updated: January 13, 2021 Table of Contents: IT Support & Services Library Services Services for Faculty Educational and Scholarly Technology The Makerspace Additional Questions? […]

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How to Use Course Merge Helper in Moodle

Merged Course Shell Button

Please note: To use the Course Merge Helper feature in Moodle, you must have the role of Teacher in each course you would like to include in the merged course. If you do not have a Teacher role, you can ask another Teacher in the course to give you that role, or EAST can merge […]

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Making an Assignment as Extra Credit on Moodle

Moodle Gradebook allows you to mark individual assignments as extra credit, as well as create a grading category in which all grading items are worth extra credit. This tech doc shows how to set up each of these options. Marking a Grade Item as Extra Credit The easiest way to do this is to modify […]

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Bulk Edit Course Activity Dates in Moodle

Moodle’s Dates Report lists all course items with date settings on a single page, where you can adjust start dates, due dates and activity completion dates. This can be very helpful if you are reusing material from a previous semester in a new course. To open the Dates Report: Click (Actions menu) and choose More […]

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Increasing Caption and Chat Font Size in Zoom

If you are have difficulty viewing the chat messages or captions when using Zoom on a computer, you can increase the font size: Open the Zoom app on your computer Click on your profile picture or initials and choose Settings from the drop-down menu. Click Accessibility in the left sidebar. Adjust the size of Closed […]

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Two-Step: Methods of Authentication

There are many different ways you can authenticate with Duo, learn about them here and choose which is the best for you. Before you start, you may want to check out: Two-Step: Getting started with Duo Technology Tips for International Travel   Methods Available Push Notifications (via Duo Mobile) Best Overall The best balance between […]

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