Zoom-Panopto Integration

Posted March 19th, 2020 at 7:47 am.

With our Zoom-Panopto integration, the recording of any Zoom meeting you host and record to the cloud will be placed into Panopto automatically. If your meeting is for a course and you’ve scheduled the meeting by using the Moodle-Zoom activity, the meeting recording will be placed automatically into the appropriate course folder in Panopto. If you are not scheduling your Zoom meeting through the Moodle-Zoom activity, or your meeting is not affiliated with a course in Moodle, the Zoom recording will be placed into your Meeting Recordings folder, which is a sub-folder of your My Folder in Panopto. If you would like to move your recording from your Meeting Recordings folder to a different folder in Panopto, you can do so using the following steps:

  1. Sign into Panopto and go to your My Folder.
  2. In your My Folder, there will be a Meeting Recordings sub-folder if you’ve recently had any Zoom meetings (note: the Meeting Recordings folder will disappear if you do not have any active Zoom recordings, or after you move recordings out of it).
    Meeting Recordings
  3. Click the Meeting Recordings folder to open it, and you should see your Zoom meeting recording.
  4. Click on the Settings button (gear icon) that appears underneath the video.
    Video Settings
  5. You will be taken into the Overview section of your video, and you’ll see information on the second line for the folder location, which should say Meeting Recordings. Click the Edit button next to the Folder title and delete the name “Meeting Recordings.”
    Edit Video
  6. Then, start to type the Panopto folder into which you would like to move the video. When you start typing the name of a folder, folders that you have Creator access to should start to populate automatically, and you can select the correct folder from the list. Hit the Save button underneath the folder name.
    Add Course NameSave
  7. This will move your video out of the Meeting Recordings folder and into your new folder. You can then share the video with others (see Panopto: Sharing Recordings).

If you need to put the same video/recording into more than one course section for a given course, you will need to make a copy of the original video and then move that copy into the other course section’s folder by following the steps outlined in Panopto’s Support document, How to Copy and Move Sessions.

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