Two-Step: Methods of Authentication

There are many different ways you can authenticate with Duo, learn about them here and choose which is the best for you.

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Methods Available

Push Notifications (via Duo Mobile)
Best Overall

The best balance between security & convenience; simply approve a push notification on your smartphone or tablet.

Generated Codes (via Duo Mobile)

Open the Duo Mobile app to get a code anytime, anywhere — no need for internet access or cell reception.

Call or Text

Receive a code via text or a prompt via phone call. Make sure you have reception!

Duo Token
Great backup option; good for travelers

Keep the Token on your keychain for easy two-step verification on the go — anytime, anywhere. Specific to your College account.

USB Security Key¹ ²
Best Security; good for travelers

Functionally the same as a Duo Token, a security key provides the most secure form of two-step verification on all your accounts.

¹Cannot be your only method of authentication.
²Only works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


Methods Comparison

Note: LITS strongly recommends having multiple authentication methods enabled to ensure you always have access to your account.
Call or Text Duo
Security Key
Usable w/o internet?
Usable w/o cell reception?
Usable w/o phone?
Requirements Duo Mobile
Duo Mobile
N/A Purchase Purchase



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