How to Use Course Merge Helper in Moodle

Posted November 13th, 2020 at 2:20 pm.

Please note: To use the Course Merge Helper feature in Moodle, you must have the role of Teacher in each course you would like to include in the merged course. If you do not have a Teacher role, you can ask another Teacher in the course to give you that role, or EAST can merge your courses for you (please fill out this form to request).

  1. On your Moodle dashboard, click on one of the courses you would like to merge.
  2. Once in the course, click Course settings at the top right (gear icon). At the bottom of the menu, click on “Create merged course shell.”
  3. In the box that says “Courses to merge,” start typing the name of the course (i.e. CHEM B200.001) and you should see courses in which you are a Teacher appear. Select the course you would like to merge, and it should then show up in blue above.
  4. To add another course, in that same box, search for the next course (i.e. CHEM B200.002). Select that, and you will see both courses in blue above the box.
  5. In the “Course full name” box, type or paste the merged course name (i.e. Organic Chemistry I Merged).
  6. In the “Course short name” box, type or paste the course short name in the following format: bmc.chem.b200.merged.f20 (or for Lab sections: bmc.chem.b200.labmerged.f20).
  7. Once you have entered that information, you do not need to change any settings below the course short name. Hit the Create button at the bottom.
  8. You should be taken out to the shell for your new merged course with the title you gave it. The original course shells will now be hidden and students will only see the merged course on their Moodle dashboard.
  9. To add a Panopto block to your merged course, please follow the directions Adding a Panopto Block to a Moodle Course. You can also contact if you need assistance with adding Panopto videos to a merged course.
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