FontAwesome for WordPress

Posted January 26th, 2021 at 2:52 pm.

FontAwesome for WordPress allows you to insert FontAwsome icons into your page or post either by using shortcode or HTML.

Choose the icon you want from the FontAwesome icon gallery . All free icons are supported. Please note that pro icons are not supported at this time.

Shortcode Examples:

You can insert the cog icon by using the shortcode below.

[icon name="cog"]

You can use prefixes to display icons with different styles like below.

[icon name="check-square" prefix="fas"] [icon name="check-square" prefix="far"]
[icon name="clock" prefix="fas"] [icon name="clock" prefix="far"]

If no prefix is specified, FontAwesome will default to prefix=”fas”. Some icons only have one style such as the cat icon.

Adding FontAwesome icons can provide helpful visual indicators in your documentaion. For more information, visit the plugin homepage .

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