Hiding Grades from Moodle Gradebook

Posted February 5th, 2021 at 10:14 am.

Hiding a Moodle Assignment column in the gradebook allows you to hide the grade throughout your course page, including when a student looks at their assignment submission. By hiding a grade, you will also hide any feedback comments or files you have added to that grade. However, students will still be able to see the assignment activity link in their grade report.

To hide a grade column from your gradebook:

  1. On your course’s left-side panel, go to Grades.
  2. From the tabs in your Grades page, select View > Grader Report > Setup. The gradebook will open to the Gradebook setup page.
  3. Locate the grade item or category you wish to hide and, under the Actions column, click Edit. From the drop-down menu that appears, select Hide. You will see the grade item turn to a light gray color, indicating that the item is hidden.

When you are ready to show grades to students, simply navigate back to the same page of your gradebook (following step 2, above) and, under the Actions column, select Edit > Show. 


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