Record Your Name in a Moodle NameCoach Activity

The NameCoach activity allows participants in a course to record the pronunciation of their name for other participants to hear, helping both teachers and students learn each other’s names quickly.

Recording your name in NameCoach

  1. Click on the NameCoach activity on the course page (the teacher may have given it a different name, but it should still describe the activity). A section of a Moodle page with an activity labeled "Record your name"
  2. Click the purple “Record Name” button. Purple button labeled "Record Name"
  3. You will have three options to record your name: Phone, Web Recorder, or Uploader
    1. Phone: enter your phone number and the NameCoach system will send you an automatic call prompting you to say your name for recording – this option functions much like recording a voicemail message.
    2. Web Recorder: Click the “Record” button – you will be given a countdown before the recording begins – say your name, and then press the “stop” button.
    3. Uploader: You can upload an audio file made in a separate recording program, but please be advised that the maximum file size is only 150KB, so we suggest uploading only .MP3 files, not .WAV files.
  4. Click the “Submit and Call Me” or “Submit and Finish” button (depending on which recording method you chose) to save your recording.
  5. Once you have saved your recording, you will have the option to edit your recording if you would like to re-try.

If you are having difficulty recording your name, please visit this troubleshooting article from NameCoach support. If you encounter further issues or require assistance, please contact the Help Desk.

NameBadge tool

Prefer video? Click here for a demonstration of how to record your name and include it in your email signature.

In addition to the NameCoach activity for Moodle course pages, NameCoach also provides the free NameBadge tool, which allows users to embed a recording of their name in their email signature. This help article from NameCoach support provides instructions for creating your own NameBadge (Mac users using the Apple Mail application – see this article for additional support).