Recording a Lecture Outside the Classroom/Off-Campus

Posted August 3rd, 2021 at 3:40 pm.

With Panopto, Bryn Mawr College’s lecture capture software, you can record lectures and talks and share the recordings with students or others. Panopto is able to capture audio and video of a person lecturing while also creating a screencast of what is projected on your computer screen. Recordings can be automatically uploaded to Panopto’s servers and shared with students via a Moodle site or with viewers outside of a course via a public link.

Getting Ready to Record

When getting ready to record, ensure that you have:

  1. A computer (preferably with a built-in webcam).
  2. A reliable Internet connection.
  3. Successfully installed the Panopto Desktop App onto the computer you will be using to record (Check out these links for instructions on how to freely download and install the software (For Mac, for Windows/PC).


  1. If your computer doesn’t have a webcam you may choose to borrow one from Canaday Library’s equipment loan pool. 
  2. You will also need to have a Teacher role in a Moodle site in order to record lectures. (Any Moodle site will do, it doesn’t have to be an academic course-related site.) If you
    don’t have one already, please email the Help Desk at

Starting a Recording

  1. Open any applications and files that you will use during your lecture. For example: If you want to show PowerPoint slides, a web page, and an image in a PDF document, open your PowerPoint file, your web browser, and the PDF file. This will ensure your computer runs smoothly while using Panopto.
  2. Launch the Panopto recorder from the desktop app or from Bryn Mawr’s online platform:
    • To launch Panopto From Your Desktop:
      • Double-click on the desktop Panopto icon (a green circular ribbon with a blue arrow inside it).
        A green hexagonal ribbon with the words "Panopto" under it.
      • If prompted to log in, choose the SAML or Moodle options and sign in with your Bryn Mawr credentials. (Note: If you are not prompted to sign in and someone else’s name is listed in the top right hand corner of the recorder window, click Sign out, and then log in.
    • To launch Panopto From Bryn Mawr’s online platform:
  3. Click on the blue Create button and select Record a new session from the drop-down list.
  4. Choose the course you are recording to from the drop-down Folder menu at the top of the page.
  5. Give the recording a Name or use the default (recording day, date, and time).
  6. Check the audio levels by speaking and watching the microphone bar:
    • Move the slider bar to increase or decrease volume as needed.
    • If nothing shows up in the audio level window, click Settings and try different options on the Default audio source menu until you find one that works. Call (x7440) or email the Help Desk if none of the options work.
  7. Check the video settings:
    • Be sure the Instructor Video box is checked.
    • You should see the camera feed in the window above the checkbox.
    • If no video appears or the camera isn’t pointed where you need it, click Settings and try a different Default video source or reposition the camera using the onscreen controls. Call (x7440) or email the Help Desk if none of the video sources work.
  8. Panopto automatically records a screencast of what is presented on the recording computer. You do not need to do anything to enable this and you cannot turn this off.
  9. When you are finished setting up your recording, click Record to start recording.

Note: In many technology enabled classrooms, the video camera mounted in the ceiling is the only audio input source. In these cases, you will need to enable Instructor Video in order to record audio even if you only wanted a narrated screencast.

For more detailed information, including how to use on-screen features during a recording, see Panopto’s guide on How to Record a Video and Best Practices for Recording.

Stopping and Uploading a Recording

  1. To end a recording, click Stop in the Desktop app.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, choose Done to upload the recording to the Panopto server for processing and streaming.
  3. Lock the computer (Windows) or put it to sleep (Mac), but do not turn it off. The recording will finish uploading in the background as long as the computer remains on and connected to the Internet. (Even if you log out and another user logs in.)
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