Panopto: Editing Videos

Posted August 6th, 2021 at 4:12 pm.

Once you’ve recorded and uploaded a video on Panopto, you have the ability to edit your video track and apply the changes to the video.

This document offers a basic introduction to editing. For more extensive video editing documentation in Panopto, please see How to Edit a Video and How to Trim a Video in the Editor on the Panopto Support site.

To find more details about captioning, please look at Captioning in Panopto and read more about automatic captioning for Panopto.

How to Edit

  1. Underneath your video, click the Edit icon to bring up the video editor.arrow pointing to the edit button on panopto
  2. Once the video editor is open, you will see the timeline at the bottom of the screen with a track for each video stream. Typically, this will include the primary and secondary streams.Panopto video editor
  3. When you click the Play icon the video will begin to play and the red vertical bar will move along the timeline to indicate which section of the video is playing.
  4. Use the Cut icon to trim or cut the video.panopto cut icon and red editing bar
  5. Panopto will automatically save any changes you make to the video, as indicated by the time stamp in the top right corner. However, it is essential that you click the blue Apply icon when you are finished editing in order for your changes to take effect.panopto timestamp and apply button


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