Accessiblity Features in Office365: Immersive Reader

Posted August 26th, 2021 at 2:29 pm.

Table of Contents

  • What is Immersive Reader?
  • How to Open Immersive Reader
  • Features
  • Text Preferences
  • Grammar Options
  • Reading Preferences
  • Voice Settings
  • Questions?

What is Immersive Reader?

Immersive Reader is an inbuilt feature now available among a variety of Microsoft platforms. Immersive Reader provides a variety of tools to support reading and comprehension. Without altering the original text, Immersive Reader allows you to change how the text appears to you so you can read it more comfortably. Microsoft continues to expand its list of platforms on which Immersive Reader is offered and updating their Immersive Reader site with the most current information.

Learn how to access Immersive Reader in Outlook

Learn how to access Immersive Reader in Teams, Word, Edge, PowerPoint, and Forms.


When you open Immersive Reader your screen will transform to fill the screen. On the upper right corner, you will see icons for Text Preferences, Grammar Options, and Reading Preferences.

Text Preference

In this panel of the menu, you can make changes to the way text appears on your screen.

  • Text Size: Move the slider to change the text size.
  • Increase Spacing: Toggle the switch to increase both the spacing between letters and the spacing between lines of text.
  • Font: Choose whichever font is easier for you to read (options include Calibri, Sitka, or Comic Sans).
  • Theme: Choose the background color that is most comfortable for you. To see more options, click More colors.
  • Show Source Formatting: Toggle this switch to view the text with or without its original formatting.

Image of the text preferences menu in Immersive Reader

Grammar Options:

  • Syllables: Toggle this switch to have each word broken up into syllables.
  • Parts of Speech: With this tool, you can identify words by their part of speech. Toggle on which parts of speech you would like to be identified. The parts of speech you have selected will appear in a different color now. If you would like to change the color of each part of speech, click (the drop-down menu) before each part of speech on the menu and select your preferred color.

Image of grammar options menu in Immersive Reader

Reading Preferences:

  • Line Focus: Turning this on will provide screen masking. You can select to have one line, three lines, or five lines of text shown at a time.
  • Picture Dictionary: When this feature is toggled on, you can click words in your text to show a picture depicting the word.
  • Translate: Using the drop-down menu indicating to Choose a language to select the language you would like to read the text in. Next, choose whether you would like the text to be translated by word or the entire document by toggling the corresponding toggles.
    • By word: When you click a word, a box will appear with a translation in the language of your selection.
    • Document: The entire document will be translated into the language you selected. However, the original text will still appear in its original language once you exit the Immersive Reader.

image of reading preferences in immersive reader

Voice Settings:

To read the text aloud, click the blue arrow at the bottom middle of the Immersive Reader screen. To pause the reading, click this arrow again.

To change the voice settings, click the Voice Settings button.

  • Voice Speed: Move the slider to make the reading speed faster or slower.
  • Voice Selection: Select either a female or male voice to read your text aloud.

image of voice settings menu in Immersive Reader


If you have any additional questions or problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Help Desk!

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