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Piazza is a standalone discussion board or “Q and A” platform, with free, ad-supported and paid, ad-free license tiers. At faculty request, Bryn Mawr College is piloting an ad-free site license for Piazza for the 2021-2022 academic year. We will ask instructors and students who use this license to help us evaluate it in order to determine whether the College should permanently subscribe.

IMPORTANT: Unlike Moodle, which the College hosts internally on its own servers, Piazza is a third-party platform that Piazza maintains on servers they control. Use of Piazza is subject to their terms of service and privacy policy. Be sure you understand and are comfortable how they use your and your students content and data before using the service.

Before you Start, You Need:

  • A Piazza instructor account to create classes in Piazza.
    • Instructors who create their account with a Bryn Mawr email address should be added to the College’s Piazza license automatically.
    • Instructors who have a Piazza license connected to a different email address can add individual Piazza classes to our license instead; email help@brynmawr.edu for the necessary code.
  • A Teacher role in a Moodle course to set up a link between a Piazza class and a Moodle courses

Connecting Piazza to a Moodle Course

You can use the College’s Piazza license without connecting it to Moodle, but adding an LTI connection can make it easier for instructors and students to find and enter the right Piazza course.

  1. Log in to Moodle and browse to your course.
  2. Click Turn editing on.
  3. Click +Add an activity or resource.
  1. Select External tool from the Activities menu.
  1. Under General tab, give enter an Activity name, select Piazza from the Preconfigured tool menu, then click Save and Display.
  1. Use the link you just created to log into Piazza. You will land on a Piazza Setup page; check that your email is correct and click Continue.
  1. If needed, Piazza will email a verification code to that email address; when you receive the code, paste it into the box provided and click Confirm.
  2. Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you will be able to either:
    • Create a new Piazza class for this Moodle course by entering the Class Name, Class Number, Estimated Enrollment, and Term and clicking Create New Piazza Class, OR
    • Search for a Piazza class you already created by and attach it to the Moodle course.

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