Use ABBYY Fine Reader for Complex OCR

Posted September 17th, 2021 at 9:39 am.

Librarians, archivists, and academic researchers use ABBYY Fine Reader to digitize and analyze archival collections. It is installed on the computers in the Digital Media and Collaboration Lab in Carpenter Library and available when this lab is open.

ABBYY Fine Reader’s advanced OCR Editor has features that make it possible to successfully OCR documents that more widely available tools* cannot:

ABBYY Fine Reader also has a Compare Documents tool that can help researchers and archivists analyze the textual differences among multiple PDFs.

See the ABBYY Fine Reader User Guide for detailed instructions.

Note: Most documents written in English or other widely spoken languages can be successfully OCRed by more widely available campus tools:

You only need to use ABBYY Fine Reader if these tools don’t support the language your document is written in or they fail to successfully OCR text due to issues that ABBYY Fine Reader was designed to address.

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