Recommendations for Composing WordPress posts

Posted September 28th, 2010 at 2:15 pm.

We highly recommend composing your blog posts in the WordPress rich text editor itself. WordPress allows you to compose and format in rich text or HTML, while autosaving drafts.

Write your post in the window that looks like this. Not enough room to write? Click the button that looks like a blue computer screen (circled below) for full screen editing. Click it again to return to the normal Edit screen.


You can click “Save Draft” if you’re not ready to publish and need to come back to your draft later.


And you can format the post as you compose (or after) exactly the way you want to see it published in WordPress. Use WordPress’s Preview function to see how your post looks.


If possible, please do NOT compose posts in Microsoft Word. Copying your post from Word generally also copies excess formatting code from Word, which produces unreliable results that are difficult to correct.

Here is the kind of code generated by pasting directly from Word.:


If you must copy content from Word, please use WordPress’s “paste from Word” button to paste the content into the WordPress editor. This should remove the problematic code and allow you to correctly format your post.


That results in nice clean code like this:


No second row of buttons? Click the “Kitchen Sink” button to display all options.


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