Accessibility Tips in Moodle Courses

Posted August 1st, 2019 at 12:00 pm.

As a college with a diverse and vibrant community, it is important to keep in mind accessibility issues for those with visual, auditory, and learning disabilities. When using Moodle at Bryn Mawr, Web Accessibility needs to be a constant concern for faculty, staff, and students.

  • Print impaired users typically access the web by enlarging text, using screen reading software that reads the text (and only the text) of a page to them aloud, or via a Braille output. Content like images or videos can be made more accessible to these users via textual descriptions.
  • Those with certain visual impairments, including color blindness, may have difficulty navigating a site if color alone (particularly colors with low contrast) is used to convey and organize information. Users with hearing impairments typically require captions or transcripts to access audio content.
  • Users with a variety of disabilities may use a keyboard or other devices, or voice recognition software, for navigation, rather than a mouse, and thus navigation should never rely on the ability to mouse over items.

Faculty and staff should keep these access issues in mind and should consider some of the tips and hints available on Web Service’s Web Accessibility page.

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