Accessing Your College Email & Calendar on Mobile Devices

Posted May 20th, 2016 at 11:09 am.

This post exclusively covers accessing your College email and calendar from your mobile device. For information on other Office mobile apps, please see our Microsoft Office Mobile Apps post.

While you have the option to sync your email using the built-in mail app on your phone, we recommend downloading the Outlook App from your device’s app store (available free) for a more consistent calendar experience.

NOTE: Linking your email account to the built-in mail on your Android device (and some iPhones running older versions of iOS) will not work for Duo-protected email accounts. If you have an Android or are unable to update your iPhone to the latest iOS, please download the Outlook App in order to sync your email to your mobile phone.

Android Sync
Title: Android Sync (0 click)
Filename: androidsync-1018.pdf
Size: 72 KB
iOS Sync
Title: iOS Sync (0 click)
Filename: iossync_0818.pdf
Size: 170 KB
Windows Sync
Title: Windows Sync (0 click)
Filename: windowssync-0516.pdf
Size: 322 KB

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