Copy Content from a Course on the Same Moodle Site

Posted August 7th, 2020 at 1:03 pm.

There are two ways to copy content between courses on the same Moodle site:

  • Import is best if you are copying all or most of a course or want to preserve course layout and formatting.
  • Sharing Cart works best if you are only copying a few activities or resources at a time.

If you need to copy materials from a different Moodle site (e.g., see Copy Materials from Old to New Moodle.

Prerequisites: A Teacher role in both courses.


  1. Log in to the destination course (i.e., the course you are importing to)
  2. Click the gear icon (Actions menu) and select Import (as shown below).

  1. Select your source course (i.e, the course that contains the material you want to import) under Find a course to import data from.
    • Moodle only lists 10 courses at a time; to narrow down the list, type part of the short or full name in box below and click Search.
    • If a course doesn’t show up when you search, check that you’ve typed the name correctly and that you have a Teacher role in the course.
    • Once you’ve selected a course, click Continue

  1. If you want to import all of the content from the source course, click Jump to Final Step to start the import and skip to step 7 below. Otherwise, click Next.

  1. On the Schema Settings page, check boxes next to items you want to include (and uncheck items you want to exclude) and click Next.

  1. The Confirmation and Review page summarizes what you selected; click Perform import to start the import or Previous, if you need to make changes.
  2. After you click Perform import, you will see a progress bar and an estimate of how long the import will take.
  3. Once the import is finished, click Continue to return to the destination course.

Sharing Cart

[note: you will need to add the Sharing Cart block to both the course you want to transfer the material from and the course you want to transfer the material to.]

  1. Go to the course that contains items you want to move. Turn editing on in your course (use the button located at the top right of your course’s main page). Turn Editing On
  2. Click Add a block at the bottom of the left side bar. Screenshot of a Moodle course page highlighting the Add a Block button in the lower left corner
  3. Choose Sharing Cart from the list of available blocks.
  4. The Sharing Cart block will now appear on the right side of your course page (if you have other blocks installed, such as the Panopto block, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page). Moodle Sharing Cart block
  5. Go to an item you want to move and click the shopping basket icon to the right of the item title. This will copy the item into the sharing cart. You can also select entire sections to copy, but please note that larger amounts of material may take longer to copy.
  6. The item will now appear in the Sharing Cart block on the right side of your course page.
  7. Now, go to the course page you want to add the copied items to, and repeat steps 1-4 to add the Sharing Cart block to this page.
  8. Click the Copy to course button (the two squares icon to the right of the item name) for the item you want to place on this course page.
  9. A box will appear at the end of each section of the course page. Click on the arrow in the section where you want the item to be placed.
  10. The item will now appear in that section. You can then use the directional arrow to move it to a different position if desired.
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