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Posted January 9th, 2013 at 3:16 pm.

The Bryn Mawr WordPress theme is available upon request for blogs that require Bryn Mawr branding. If you would like to request this theme, please contact and include the address of your blog if it has been created.

For the most part, the Bryn Mawr WordPress theme works like any other WordPress theme, and all of the usual WordPress documentation here applies. However, it has a few features to make it look and function like the College website that require some additional documentation– menus and contact information.


You must select a header for your blog to display correctly.

Select your header by going to Appearance->Theme Options. Most blogs should use the Bryn Mawr Only header, but there are options available for Bi-Co and Tri-co branding.

Contact Information

The Contact Us Info Box plugin must be activated with this theme.

Once it is activated, you may edit your contact information by going to Settings->Contact Us Info Box.

Contact Us info box option in settings menu

Enter contact information and format it with simple HTML:

editing the contact information

Common HTML for contact information:

Line break: <br>
Email link: <a href=""></a>
Bold: <b>bold text</b>

Left Navigation menu

Add left navigation menus by going to Appearance->Menus

To create your first menu, click the “Create Menu” button. For additional menus, click the + tab.


Add WordPress pages or categories, or Custom Links (links to any web page) to your navigation menu using the panels on the left:

Drag and drop to reorder menu items as needed. When a menu is complete, click “Save Menu” to save your changes and make your menu available to add to the navigation.

Select the menu you want to appear first in the “Bryn Mawr Top Menu” dropdown. Select additional menus to appear below it (if applicable) in the next two dropdowns:

Click “Save” beneath Theme Locations to make your menu(s) display in your left navigation.


Need breadcrumbs to link back to your department or office like this?

Under Appearance->Menus, Create a menu named “Breadcrumbs” and add Custom Links to it. Reorder items as needed, and click “Save Menu.” Your links will appear as breadcrumbs above the navigation menus, just as they do on Bryn Mawr web pages.

Left Navigation Buttons:

If you want callout buttons between the left navigation and contact information like this:

Activate the Left Navigation Button Plugin.

Then go to Appearance->Widgets

Drag the Left Navigation Button Widget into the Left Nav Callout Button widget area.

Then add your Link Text and Link URL to the widget.

The recommended maximum number of buttons is 3.

RSS Subscribe Button

To add an RSS subscribe button to the right column, activate the RSS Subscribe Button plugin, then go to Appearance->Widgets and drag the RSS Subscribe Button widget to the desired location.

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