Facts in Drupal

Facts are brief facts about Bryn Mawr which may be displayed randomly in the right sidebar of a Page or Landing Page. See Bryn Mawr’s Promise for examples.


Go to Content->Add Content->Fact

Administrative Title: Shown only to logged in Drupal users to help find your fact.

Image: Use Communications’ default lantern images designed to work with the Facts, or add your own image.

Numbers may be entered in a variety of formats, e.g. “99% of students like cupcakes,” “77 gazillion papers are written by Bryn Mawr students annually,” “2034.6 cups of tea per year are made on campus.”

Destination URL: Add this if you want visitors to be able to click on your fact to learn more.


  • Primary Section determines the section your fact “lives” in, and therefore its left navigation.
  • Secondary Section allows the fact to appear in additional relevant sections. For example, a Chemistry fact might also appear in the Biochemistry section.
  • Topics are additional terms determined by Communications that permit facts to appear in additional relevant locations– for instance, a page for Giving, or about STEM.
  • Upgrade to Premium- available only to Communications, this allows the fact to be promoted to aggregator pages.


On Pages, use the Embedded Content tab to place individual facts or collections of facts for your section or topic.

Under “Embed a Story in this Page”, begin typing the Administrative Title of a single fact to embed it in your page.


Under “Embed a Story View,” display facts matching your Section or a Term.