Trips and Trip Leaders in Drupal

Posted June 3rd, 2014 at 10:46 am.

Used for Alumnae travel.

Add your Trip Leader first if they are not already listed.

To check if a Leader is listed, go to Content and filter for Type=Trip Leader

 sorting by content type=trip leader

To add a Trip Leader, go to Content->Add Content->Trip Leader

 finding "add a trip leader" in the menu


Complete the fields in the Main Content tab. The Section should be Alumnae.

Trip leader images should be 600px wide x 700px high at 72 dpi. Crop the image with the leader’s face in the center for best results.

 To review or edit trip leaders that have been created, go to Content and filter by type=”Trip Leader.”

To add a Trip:

Go to Content->Add Content->Trip

 finding "add a trip" in the menu

 Complete the fields in the General Info and Trip Details tabs. Add an extension or carousel if applicable.

Note: Only fields in General Info and Trip Details are required no matter what. Extension, Carousel, and Sidebar tabs contain fields that are required only if you are using those elements (e.g. if you are adding an extension, it must have a Day and Itinerary Description.).


To review or edit trips that have been created, go to Content and filter by type=”Trip”

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