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Posted June 3rd, 2014 at 11:15 am.

The Video content type is placed on Pages. Usually you will embed video within the Body Text of Pages, but the Video content type is recommended in the following circumstances:

  • The video needs to be reused in other Pages

  • You want to include specific information with the video.

  • You want to place the video within a Page somewhere other than in Body Text

  • You want the video to have the more polished appearance of the Video content type in Pages


Video in Body Text vs in Video content type:

 embedded video versus use of video content type

The Video content type also has a single column option:

video content type in single column

Embedding Video in the Body of a Page:

Copy the embed code from your video hosting site. For example, on YouTube, click “Share” and then “Embed” and copy the code beginning with “<iframe”


Edit the Drupal page you want to add the video to.

Scroll down to just beneath the Body area

  1. Switch the text format to “full HTML”
  2. Above that, click the “switch to plain text editor” link (must be done in this order)


You will now see the plain text version of the Body area with the HTML code visible. Locate the point in your text where you wish to embed the video and paste your embed code there.


Save your page and see if the video is displayed as expected.

Adding a Video Using the Video Content Type:

Go to Content->Add Content->Video and complete the required fields.

The body text will provide a blurb about the video (and context for those unable to watch the video), and a Call to Action invites people to take action after watching the video.


  • Primary Section determines the section your video “lives” in, and therefore its left navigation.
  • Secondary Section allows the video to appear in additional relevant sections. For example, a Chemistry video might also appear in the Biochemistry section.
  • Topics are additional terms determined by Communications that permit videos to appear in additional relevant locations.
  • Upgrade to Premium- available only to Communications, this allows the video to be promoted to aggregator pages.

Placing a Video:

  • While editing your desired Page, go to the Embedded Content tab.
  • Under “Embed a Story in this Page,” go to Video.
  • Type part of the name of a video you’ve already added, and it should appear in the list.
  • Select your video and save your landing page when you are done editing.
  • Adjust the placement of your video on the page by using the “Customize this page” button. See the Page documentation for details.


Can’t find your video?

Go to Content and filter by Type=Video to see all available videos.

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