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Posted June 5th, 2014 at 4:25 pm.

Spotlights are profiles of people (students, alumnae/i or faculty) or topics. They appear in list views in the About section, as well as in various locations throughout the site– usually in the right sidebar.


Go to Content->Add Content->Spotlight

Spotlight Text:

  • Promote to About page: This will feature the spotlight on
  • Spotlight Blurb: This appears only in the right sidebar and other brief views of the spotlight. The blurb is a quote or other teaser/summary.

  • Body:  This appears in the full view of the spotlight when a visitor clicks through from the brief view.

  • External URL: Links– to a student blog, faculty member homepage, etc.

Spotlight Details:

  • All spotlights require an image and type.

  • Spotlight Type: describes the person’s connection with Bryn Mawr and affects what content you need to enter below.

    • Student: Class Year and Program

    • Faculty: Job/Professional Title and Program

    • Alumna: Degree, class year, and job/professional title

    • Topical: Title (subtitle is optional).


  • Primary Section determines the section your spotlight “lives” in, and therefore its left navigation.
  • Secondary Section allows the spotlight to appear in additional relevant sections. For example, a Chemistry spotlight might also appear in the Biochemistry section.
  • Topics are additional terms determined by Communications that permit spotlights to appear in additional relevant locations– for instance, a STEM section.
  • Upgrade to Premium: Available only to Communications staff. This permits spotlights to appear in aggregator pages.


  • Calls to Action and Related Links may be added to the Sidebar of a Spotlight.

Spotlight Placement:

  • Specific spotlight: On Pages, go to Embedded Content. Under “Embed a Story in this Page,” go to the Spotlight field, and begin typing a title or person’s name from an existing spotlight. Once the title or name appears, you can select that spotlight.

  • Rotating spotlights: On Pages, go to Embedded Content. Under “Embed a Story View,” go to Spotlights.
    • Random spotlight that matches a term- allows you to match on a Topic. You must enter a term here. For instance, this might display all spotlights related to STEM.
    • Random spotlight from this section- displays a random spotlight from this section. For example, in the Math department, you might display all Math spotlights.


You can move content around on Pages once they are created by using the “Customize this Page” button at the bottom of the page. See the Page and Landing Page instructions for details.

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