Managing Your Internet Browser’s Tabs

Posted August 13th, 2014 at 10:02 am.

Tab Organization

One way of keeping your tabs organized is to open multiple browser windows to delineate the different tasks. One window could be used for email and communications, another for research, and even one for checking the weather and seeing what events are going on around campus.

Another option would be to drag your tabs within the browser window to reorder them by task. This can be accomplished by left-clicking on a tab and moving it along the tab bar to the desired location.

Lastly, you could install a third party add-on to your browser such as Tab Mix Plus for Firefox or Too Many Tabs for Chrome. These add-ons offer a wide range of enhancements such as organizing tabs into groups within the browser window, freezing a group of tabs to conserve memory/processing power, and dragging tabs between browser windows. Please note that these third party add-ons are not supported by the college, so use at your own discretion!

Links to Resources:
– Use tab groups to organize a lot of tabs in Firefox
– Manage your tabs and windows in Chrome

Protect Tabs by Pinning Them

You can ensure you don’t accidentally close tabs by pinning them. Users of Firefox or Chrome can Right-click on a tab and select Pin Tab. This will create a much smaller tab, but remove the threat of closing a tab by mistake. Also, pinned tabs will re-open automatically each time the browser is opened.

*If you accidentally close a tab, you can re-open the website by accessing the recently closed tabs.
To find the resource for this task, run a Google search for “Recently Closed tabs ______ (browser name)”

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