Basics of Using a Canon Multifunction

Posted March 3rd, 2015 at 2:34 pm.

The documents and links below will get you started with the most common functions on the Canon MFPs including print, copy, fax, scanning to network drives, cross-campus print-release (secure printing), etc. As a note, different Canon machines provide different functionality (for example, faxing is not available on public Canons); if you are unsure whether your Canon has a particular function, please contact the Help Desk.

Don’t forget, each copier has a Tutorial button right on the screen which can help with copy and fax operations (scanning instructions do not apply as we are using advanced scanning software not included in the tutorials).

If you want to install a print object for a Canon MFP, please continue to this page.

BW Copy Features
Title: BW Copy Features (0 click)
Filename: bw-copy-features.pdf
Size: 167 KB
Canon Scanning to a Network Drive
Title: Canon Scanning to a Network Drive (0 click)
Filename: canonscanning_0315.pdf
Size: 540 KB
Canon Scanning to a USB Drive
Title: Canon Scanning to a USB Drive (0 click)
Filename: canonscanningusb_0615-2.pdf
Size: 349 KB
Canon Secure Print Release
Title: Canon Secure Print Release (0 click)
Filename: canonsecureprintrelease_0315.pdf
Size: 422 KB
Color Copy Features
Title: Color Copy Features (0 click)
Filename: color-copy-features.pdf
Size: 254 KB
Fax Features
Title: Fax Features (0 click)
Filename: fax-features.pdf
Size: 229 KB
Making Accessible Scans
Title: Making Accessible Scans (0 click)
Filename: makingaccessiblescans.pdf
Size: 662 KB

Video demos:

If the documents above don’t provide enough information, manuals for each model may be found at

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