Automatic Email Handling with Rules

Rules Video (mobile-friendly version)

Rules are filters you can use to organize your email. They apply to incoming email as it arrives, and can be used to send select messages into a particular folder, mark them with a category, delete them altogether, and more.

Inbox Rules

Suppose you’re working on a group project and arrange with your partners to include the name of the project in the subject line of any emails about it. You can create an Inbox Rule that identifies messages with the project name in the subject line and sends them to a specific folder, making them easier to locate and review.

Inbox rules in Outlook Web App

Sweep Rules

Sweep Rules are created within the main Mail app. Once you select an email, you’ll see the Sweep option along the top of the reading pane, with a variety of actions you can take on messages from that email’s sender. Be careful when setting up a sweep to delete any messages, as doing so will be very challenging – if not impossible – to reverse.

How to Use Sweep to Clean Up Your Office 365 Inbox