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Posted April 15th, 2015 at 2:23 pm.

Biography listings are lists of people associated with a department or office. These listings combine basic information about a person from Bionic (preferred name, title, phone, email, office, etc) with information the individual or their web steward can add (photo, office hours, CV, degrees, research interests, etc). Each office or department has a “Faculty and Staff” or “Staff” listing with everyone in the department, and links to the detail page for each individual.

Each individual has one biography, which will link to multiple departments if that individual is affiliated with more than one department– no duplication required!

Two types of biography listings are available:

  • A-Z Listing: This is completely automated from Bionic, and lists all people affiliated with a department in alphabetical order by last name, regardless of title, rank, or other categories. It is not possible to change the order of people if you choose this option. It is possible to add text or other content before or after the biography listing, as with any landing page. People will automatically be added and removed from the listing when they join or leave the department.
  • Custom Listing: This allows you to list individuals in custom-made groups, in custom order. New people and groupings must be manually added.

Note: Data that comes from Bionic may only be updated in Bionic by HR or the Provost’s Office.

Editing Custom Biography Listings

Click “customize this page” at the bottom of your faculty/staff page.


Click the gear symbol above your faculty/staff listing


Add or reorder people or groups as needed.

To remove a person from a group, delete their name and save when you are done making your changes. Note: This will only delete them from the listing. They will still appear on other departments’ listings if applicable.


Click “add another item” within a group to add people to the group. If you begin typing the name of a person in your department and their biography is available, it should automatically complete.

Click “add another item” at the bottom to add a new group (example: “Research Associates”).

Drag and drop arrows to change the order in which people or groups are listed once they are added.


Scroll to bottom and click “Finish”


Click “save” at the bottom of the screen to save your custom list.


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