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Posted May 21st, 2016 at 7:00 am.

Office 365 offers a robust Web-based email client and a wide range of additional features. The materials below will help you get started.

Please note, College offices including HR, the Provost’s and Deans’ offices, Residential Life, and Moodle will communicate with you via your Bryn Mawr email address. Employees should not forward their email to an external carrier. Others may, but we cannot guarantee delivery to outside addresses; the account holder is responsible for ensuring that they have received these communications. See the College’s Data Handling Policy for additional information.

Accessing Your Email Video (mobile-friendly version)

Options Video (mobile-friendly version)

The Basics

Searching Video (mobile-friendly version)

Pinning Video (mobile-friendly version)

Additional Features

Using Categories

Assign a Color Category to an Email Message

Recovering Deleted Messages

Recover Deleted Items – Office 365

Pinning Messages

Pin messages in the Mail app to keep them at the top of your inbox. Hover over the message you’d like to pin and look for a horizontal push pin to appear:

illustration of pinning a message when the reading pane is on

Reading Pane On

illustration of pinning a message with the reading pane off

Reading Pane Off

Click on the push pin, and you’ll see that it is now vertical. This indicates that the message is pinned. The message will stay at the top of your inbox until moved, deleted or until you click again to unpin.

illustration of a pinned message

More Help with OWA

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