Using People and the Bryn Mawr College Directory (Address Book)

People is where you can access the Bryn Mawr College Directory and store details for additional personal contacts.

The Basics

People overview

Adding a Contact

When composing an email, begin typing a name or email address into the To field, then hit tab or click Search Directory to locate a contact from the Bryn Mawr College Directory or any other contacts you may have added to People.

After you’ve emailed someone in the Bryn Mawr College directory once, their name and email address will autocomplete when you begin typing it, and you will no longer need to click Search Directory. For autocomplete to work for addresses, you will need to first add them to your Contacts:

Right click on the person’s name in the From field


Click View details.


Click Add in the top right to add them to your contacts.


Click Save.

Additional Features

Importing Contacts

You can also import contacts to Office 365 as a batch. To import contacts from other mail services (Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.) open the People app and go to Manage > Import contacts. Choose your service and follow the on-screen instructions for exporting from the other mail service and importing into Office 365.

To import contacts from any other source, you must first format your data in a comma-delimited .csv file. It’s important that your file has the right headings, or your data won’t import properly. Use this Excel template to format your data:

Title: Office365_Contacts_Import_Template (0 click)
Filename: office365_contacts_import_template.xlsx
Size: 10 KB

It’s OK to leave some fields blank, but don’t make any changes to the column headings (row 1) and don’t delete or rearrange columns. Be sure to save the Excel file as CSV (comma delimited). If Excel tells you “Some features in your workbook might be lost”, click Yes to continue saving.

Once you’ve formatted your data, go to Manage > Import contacts and choose Windows Live Mail.

illustration of selecting Windows Live Mail when importing contacts

Click Browse to locate your comma-delimited .csv file of contacts on your computer.

illustration of browsing for .csv file

Click Upload to import your contacts.

illustration of uploading contacts

When your contacts have been uploaded, you’ll see a confirmation message that your import was successful.

import contacts4

Now your newly added contacts can be found under My contacts.

Creating a Contact List

You can also create a Contact list (you may occasionally see this referred to as a Personal Group or Distribution List). These are also stored in your Contacts folder and can contain entries from your personal Contacts and from the College’s Directory.

How to create a Contact List (scroll down and look for the heading To create a contact group/distribution list in Outlook on the Web (OWA))