Canon Supply Ordering, Installation, and Disposal

Posted August 25th, 2015 at 5:51 pm.

This post documents the correct way to order supplies for your Canon copier.  Do not order from any other source.  Do not pay for supplies other than paper as they are covered in our lease cost.

Please ensure that your building or department specifies a point person for ordering so that orders are not duplicated.  There is no billing to your department, so you need not worry about where paperwork will be sent; supplies will be sent to the location of the copier in the name of the person ordering.

To order supplies for your Canon copier/MFP, you will need 3 things:

  • Machine model
  • Machine Serial Number
  • The Canon phone number

All of our models in the offices are Image Runner Advance series devices.  The specific model can be found immediately above the touchscreen.

Canon Model

The serial number and the supplies phone number can be found by raising the top of the machine as if you were going to make a copy and looking above the glass near the hinges.

Canon SN

What you should order:

Be sure you have on hand the following for each copier unit in your department:

  • One Toner (for color units, one toner of each color)
  • One Waste Toner Bottle
  • At least one extra stapler cartridge

Installing supplies:

When a copier requires a supply replacement, the screen will display instructions.  Be sure to follow along with the instructions, and click next as you proceed or your replacement cartridge may not be correctly detected.

If you find that the instructions are insufficient or you have questions, call the Canon Customer Service number (found on the same silver sticker as the serial number) and they will talk you through it, or check out the manual for your model.

Replacement Ordering:

When you put a toner or waste bottle in, order a new one.  Ensure that you are ordering for the copier in which you installed the new supplies.


Canon instructs us to throw away used toner containers.

Waste toner containers (most models): When the copier tells you the bottle is full, replace it.  Then:

  1. If you have a black and white copier, you should tightly cap and throw away the full bottle.
  2. If you have a color copier, you should place a service call to have it picked up OR give it to the tech next time he comes by to resolve a problem.

For the 6000 models (GSSW 1st fl/Park 2nd fl and 3rd fl) ONLY: These require a technician to replace the waste toner bottle.  Call as soon as the copier alerts that the waste toner is nearing capacity; the copier will stop functioning if the bottle becomes completely full.  You do not need to stock a new bottle, the tech will bring one.

If you try to follow these instructions and receive contradictory information, please take the name of the person you are speaking with and send an email to detailing what you tried to do, what you were told, who you spoke to and when.  We will follow up with Canon.
Please note:  LITS does not hold extra toner for any model.  Please be sure to keep some on hand.
If you have trouble with this or have questions with anything related to your copier or Canon’s service, please let us know (via the Help Desk) and we will be happy to assist.
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